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Smith & Wesson Custom Kydex Holster

(151 customer reviews)

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Smith & Wesson Concealed IWB Kydex Holsters

Every Smith & Wesson IWB Holster is hand molded to fit each specific Smith & Wesson model. All On Your 6 IWB holsters come with a sweat guard and an adjustable cant system built into it.
With a holster weight of just over 2 oz, our Smith & Wesson holsters are slim and streamlined so there is no excess bulk!

With the adjustable cant you can use our Kydex IWB holsters to fit any position that’s comfortable for you, including appendix (if you prefer small of the back carry, make sure you order a holster for the opposite hand).

Smith & Wesson Concealed OWB Kydex Holsters

Our OWB holsters are 1 of the slimmest on the market. We have also added the option to put a cant to it as well.
Each OWB holster is molded to fit each specific model like a glove. With these OWB holsters you can still conceal carry without worry! All our OWB holsters sit High & Tight to the body to help with concealment.

Perhaps one of the most well-known firearms manufacturers in the United States and the world, Smith & Wesson has been producing concealed carry pieces in one form or another for more than 160 years. With modern designs and a reputation for reliability, it’s no wonder that Smith & Wesson produces some of the most popular concealed carry pieces available. Our custom concealed carry holsters are made from thin and rugged Kydex, fitted to your particular model and make of handgun. On Your 6 Designs offers IWB and OWB concealed carry holsters, so you can carry your Smith & Wesson firearm with confidence.

On Your 6 Designs makes Custom Kydex Holsters For S&W Models:

SDVE (9mm / 40cal)
Sigma Compact
Sigma Full Size (SW40F & SW9F)
M&P Shield EZ 380
M&P Shield (9mm / 40cal)
M&P Shield (.45cal)
M&P Shield (9mm / 40cal) with Crimson Trace Laser (Red Only)
M&P Shield (9mm / 40cal) with TLR-6
M&P Compact (9mm / 40cal)
M&P 2.0 Compact (9mm Only)
M&P 4.25 (9mm / 40cal)
M&P Core 4.25 (9mm / 40cal)
M&P 5″ Pro (9mm / 40cal)
M&P .45 Compact
M&P .45 fullsize
BodyGuard 380 (with laser)
M&P BodyGuard 380 with out Laser
M&P .22 Compact
M&P 2.0 Compact TLR-6 (9mm Only)
M&P 4.25 TLR-6 (9mm / 40cal)
M&P 5″ Pro TLR-6 (9mm/40Cal)
M&P Core 4.25 TLR-6 (9mm / 40cal)

Additional information

Weight 1 oz
Dimensions N/A
Smith and Wesson models

S&W 5.7, M&P Shield Plus, M&P Shield 9MM EZ, SDVE (9mm / 40cal), CSX, Sigma Compact, Sigma Full Size (SW40F & SW9F), M&P Shield EZ 380, M&P Shield (9mm / 40cal), M&P Shield (.45cal), M&P Shield (9mm / 40cal) with CT Red Only, M&P Shield (9mm / 40cal) with TLR-6, M&P 3.6 Gen 1 (9mm / 40cal), M&P Compact Gen 1 (9mm / 40cal) W/TLR-6, M&P 2.0 3.6 (9mm only), M&P 2.0 4" (9mm Only), M&P 4.25 (9mm / 40cal), M&P 5" Pro (9mm / 40cal), M&P Core 4.25 (9mm / 40cal), M&P .45 Compact, M&P .45 Fullsize, BodyGuard 380 (with laser), M&P BodyGuard 380 with out Laser, M&P .22 Compact, M&P 2.0 Compact TLR-6 (9mm Only), M&P 4.25 TLR-6 (9mm / 40cal), M&P 5″ Pro TLR-6 (9mm) / 40cal), M&P Core 4.25 TLR-6 (9mm / 40cal)


In the Waist Band, Out of the Waist Band


Right, Left

Belt Size

Includes all sizes


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Optic Cut


151 reviews for Smith & Wesson Custom Kydex Holster

  1. Shaun Allen

    Just got mine in the mail for the Smith&Wesson M&P 40 Shield. Perfect fit right out of the box. Drops into the waistline comfortably in all positions for the right hand. Magazine holster is a little snug and I’m hoping for some break in. Otherwise this thing is a perfect match up for conceal carry. Great job guys, and I will be keeping a lookout for other models as well. These work so well I plan on getting one for each of my primary weapons.

  2. Alex Covarrubias

    Awsome job guys! Perfect fit on my M&P 9 Compact and my mag holster!! Highly recommended to everyone. Has better retention then my Galco king tuk, and way smaller then it to.

  3. Charlie Watts

    Been wearing the shield iwb holster for about a week now and am very impressed with the quality of work for the price. Biggest thing is no excessive bulk! I always swore by my comptact leather holster but never realized how bulky it was till I recieved this. I can’t even tell I’m wearing this one. I would recommended these guys to anybody! Thanks for the great gear!

  4. Josh Harrison

    I have different holsters for my mp9 full size. Hands down the best holster I have. Very light weight. Comfortable and very secure. Will recommend this holster to everyone. Getting ready to order one for my shield very soon. Great customer service. Thank you for such a great product!

  5. Mark Dixon

    Bought one for my shield and is awesome. Went to their shop and they made me another one on the spot for my bodyguard. Guns click in and it feels great on my belt.


    Very nice holster SDVE 9mm is the one I have. I rounded the end a little at the area where the barrel shows it give more comfortable fit on the Butt…lol I can still stand the holster with the hand gun in it on end. I used a heat gun. I will buy my next holster from them again. 5 Star A+ product 🙂

  7. GlennRoss

    First Kydex holster. Fits great and comfortable will be ordering the Owb one too!

  8. Kenny Patterson

    Great holster! Lightweight, thin and holds the gun securely. Just what I was looking for.

  9. Phil Griffin

    Hi Nick,

    My wife has been wearing the I.W.B holster that you made for her S&W Body Guard .380. She loves the fit and retention of the holster and finds it very comfortable. I am not suprised because I have been using your holsters for my GLOCKS for the past year. They are hand down the best holster that I ever have used, and I have been carrying for over twenty five years. Your products and customer service are outstanding and I wish you continued success. I will be contacting for a holster for my GLOCK 43 once I take delivery.

  10. William N. Sasser

    This is the perfect holster, very well made, light weight, and fits my Smith and Wesson M&P Shield perfectly.
    I will be ordering more holsters for other weapons in the near future.

  11. Kenneth Smith

    First kydex holster for me.Weapon stays firmly in place and the holster can be canted for personal fit. I will buy another in the near future.
    Customer service was very good

  12. Marquez

    I have been carrying conceal for about 2 1/2 years. I always used a hybrid or leather holster for iwb. I finally decided to purchase a kydex holster and i dont regret it. The greatest thing about it is no excess bulk. I definitely recommend you give it a try. I will be buying more.

  13. Keith

    Very comfortable design. Durable, lightweight and slim. My M&P 40 shield fit perfectly in the molded design. It sits in pretty tight so you know it isn’t going anywhere. Would highly recommend this holster for any concealed and carry. I’m a pretty slim guy so I like that it isn’t bulky. Make sure you select the right belt size or it won’t work very well. I will be buying another one for my next gun.

  14. Bill Noe

    I can’t praise this holster enough. Been using this one for my S&W M&P Shield 9 for a little over a week but this is not the first one I have purchased. I have purchased 4 different holsters for 3 different handguns and it is the best holster I have ever used. It’s light, has great retention but the draw is easy and re-holstering is simple. This holster makes concealed carry easy. I use this holster 90% of the time for my EDC.

  15. michael shaw

    love the holster light weight made a few ajustments to fit better when in seated position needs alittle more cant adjustment

  16. Bobby Adams

    Love this holster, it is thin, light weight and very easy to get on and off.
    Thanks for making a great product at a fair price.
    Look forward to doing business with you again.

  17. Cory Geis

    This holster is a perfect fit. Very comfortable to wear and very low profile. Firearm stays in holster perfectly with no worries of it falling out on its own. Would highly recommend to anyone. Took about 2 weeks to get this custom holster, well worth it. Thank you!

  18. Nathan Liles

    So far so good, time will tell but I like it out of the box. Good communication from OY6 and relatively fast shipping. They emailed me Monday (ordered Friday evening) and said they were making it, got it the next friday.

  19. Dion Moore

    Great and ditto to the other reviews. Ordered this for my daughters Shield. She’s a south paw. She likes it very much. I like it so much that I ordered one for my SCCY. Also, the price is right!

  20. michael moraine

    Very nice holster .Just what i was looking for fits nicely in or outside the waste. Very light weight and my s&w shield fits nice and snug in it

  21. Ben

    I ordered a holster for my S&W M&P Shield and LOVE IT! It’s comfortable to wear, hides well and the gun clicks in for a secure hold. Couldn’t be happier!

  22. Chad Haneman

    I bought this holster primarily to wear during the summer months under only one shirt. The holster provides complete coverage of my pistol and it is incredible comfortable and disappears, even under a T-shirt. The retention on my pistol is solid and I have never worried it will come lose. Order time to belt time was extremely fast and it is my new favorite every-day holster. I could not be happier with this holster!

  23. Larry

    Larry Durfey
    My holster for the M&P Shield came in much sooner than I thought and it fist very well. Retention is great. Very nice job with all the edges. It was easy to cant it to my needs.

  24. Jorge

    I received my holster a couple of weeks ago and I haven’t taken it off ever since. It is very comfortable to wear and very easy to take off if you need to. I have been searching for a comfortable holster that wouldn’t break the bank for some time now. So glad I found this. I saw an add on Facebook and gave them a shot. Thank you. This is a must own if you conceal carry

  25. Kathy

    Bought an IWB holster for S&W bodyguard and shield, along with dual mag carrier for the shield. Products fit like a glove and look great. I would definitely recommend!

  26. Scott

    Absolutely the best holster i own and i already want to order 1 for my other 2 handguns great work!!!

  27. Joe Voboril

    Great fit and finish. My M&P 40C fits snugly and inserts easily. Drawing the pistol requires enough force that you know it won’t come loose on its own. I bought a left hand IWB since I carry small of the back (right hand draw). No issues. I would like to see a similar holster for my girlfriends PK380.

  28. Andre

    I carry a S&W M&P 9 Pro with the 5″ barrel, and it fits perfectly in the Full size IWB holster. I love the fit, feel, and comfort. I do wish you offered it with belt clips on the sides, because on this model it’s hard to index my trigger finger along the slide instead of the trigger when drawing the pistol. but still well worth the money!

  29. Gary

    Bought 2 holsters for a Shield……1 IWB, 1 OWB……..like then both…….just haven’t got to use the OWB yet!

  30. Brian

    Bought this holster after a friend suggested it. The holster fits the gun perfectly. Holds it snugly but releases it with firm secure force. Very slim fits IWB comfortably and secure. Would recommend and plan on purchasing one for my Springfield XDS. USA made and by Vets. Thank You.

  31. steve

    I ordered a holster and a mag clip for my 380. Came within a week. The pistol fits great in the holster and is very comfortable to wear.
    Quality is great. couldn’t be happier

  32. Shane W

    Perfect holster. Light, sturdy, and comfortable in any position. If I carried more pistols I’d have more of these holsters!

  33. Lee Walters

    Very nice design and finish. High quality craftsmanship. Very comfortable to wear all day during any activity. Almost makes the gun disappear. Highly recommend.

  34. Lee Walters

    Bought this for my Shield and it fit perfectly right out of the box. High quality construction and craftsmanship. Very comfortable to wear daily in most any activity. Also very easy to remove when necessary. Very low profile and almost makes you forget it is there. Very lightweight.

  35. Patrick

    Great product and price. I IWB (appendix) a full size m&p40. Finish quality is great. It would be nice if the overall width/thickness (where the clip is) could be reduced.

  36. Chris

    Love this holster,i bought the IWB for the Shield and i absolutely love it

  37. On Your 6

    Very impressed with the quality. I even requested a custom touch – a bit more material to also cover the mag release on my Bodyguard. Happily done with no additional cost or delay.

    Mike F.

  38. David Hendrix

    I have had my New holster for my 380 Bodyguard for about two weeks now and I think its the best I’ve ever had. It’s the only one that I couldn’t find anything wrong with. It fits great and My firearm slips in and out just like it should. I will be purchasing another in the future for some of my other firearms.

  39. Shawn


    when fastening the holster on the belt loops it took sometime to adjust it properly to my linking..I wish you guys did sell or recommend what type of belt to get because the holster and gun equip was pulling my belt down from the weight of it all..(it seems like I will need to buy a new belt soon..smh)..after wearing the holster for a day outside I realized it took some tome getting used to (open carry)..I went about my day as usual..running errands..you can tell that people were slightly uncomfortable with a fun on my hip..most people looked as though they wanted to say something but nothing was said..it was also noticeable that many kept their distance from me upon first glance of my holster..wearing the holster with the gun inside while driving was uncomfortable at first..I noticed if I wanted to take the gun out of the holster i would need to undo the seat belt..but at the range it was a very easy transition from pulling the gun out of the holster and placing it back in..I still need practice but for a first timer it was very easy and simple..I notice my shirt would get in the way at times but with a few adjustments that can be fixed..

    Over all I’m in love with the zombie green color and like the holster..im going to buy a IWB for my block 42 or maybe a pocket holster from somewhere else..

  40. Vincent Burns

    My first Kydex holster. Love love love it. Super comfortable for everyday carry. Will be ordering for all my carry guns.

  41. Larry

    The OWB holster for S&W Bodyguard .380 is excellent. The holster holds the weapon close to your body, the fit and finish is fantastic. The design spreads the weight of this smaller semi automatic and it is so comfortable you actually forget you carry the weapon. I now have a new favorite holster company!

  42. Tyler

    So glad I went with an oy6 iwb holster for my shield 9mm. It’s perfect fit and comfortable. I already placed another order, and getting ready to make another one. Great company!

  43. Kevin Donohue

    Another HIT from On Your 6 Designs! I continue to be impressed with this groups attention to detail. EXCELLENT comfort, security, and conceal-ability due to high and tight positioning. This group has converted me to Kydex products, as they produce the first items that have impressed me. I have their double mag holster, OWB, holster, and I’m anxiously awaiting my IWB order!

  44. Garry

    This holster is great! I got one for my M&P Bodyguard and it is perfect. Easily concealed with no effort and comfortable. The adjustable cant is nice too. I have another kydex holster for my M&P shield but the cant isn’t enough. I’ll be ordering an OnYour6 to replace that one soon.

  45. Michael

    I bought the IWB for my Shield and have been very impressed with how light and slim this holster is. Equally impressive is the turn around time in which I received the holster. I will definitely be purchasing my future holsters from On Your 6. Thanks for making a great product at a reasonable price.

  46. Chase

    I have the IWB for my Bodyguard 380, had an issue with the retention being too high and clip being loose. Called On Your 6, sent me out a new one with amazing retention and fixed clip immediately. Amazing customer service & quality!!

  47. Gabriel D.

    I Recently purchased a holster and double mag holster for a Smith & Wesson M&P 22 compact and can say fit + finish are perfect. Will gladly recommend on your6designs to everyone I know.

  48. B Gray

    I’ve been carrying my S&W M&P .40C in my new IWB holster for a couple of weeks now. It’s very comfortable and adjustable. I canted the holster just a little and it fits great. Your customer service is exceptional. I had my order shipped to my workplace. Now the REAL reason for 5 stars. I was expecting my holster at any time when my cell phone rang. I didn’t recognize the number, but answered anyway. The caller identified himself as Nick at On Your Six Designs. Turns out the physical address for mu office isn’t valid on Google so their system rejected it. Nick himself took the time to call and straighten out the issue and I received my holster 2 days later. Can’t beat that kind of service and I feel confident if I have any issues later they will handled just as efficiently.

  49. Bruce scott

    Had a hard time deciding if I wanted the Kydex out of the waist or inside holster. For me I decided to go with the out of the waist one. I have already used it several times. I really like it. My weapon fits really tight in it. You don’t need to worry about the weapon falling out. I might mention I order the wrong magazine holder. I contacted them and there was no problem getting the right one ordered and the other one sent back.

  50. Kevin

    Yet ANOTHER piece of excellent craftsmanship from this group. As with my other On Your 6 products- very comfortable, very secure, very concealable, versatile for on/behind the hip, crafted to be worn in front of the hip as well (appendix cut). All with an adjustable cant feature. Before dealing with this group I was a kydex skeptic, but these people produce a very high end product backed by their phenom customer service and lifetime warranty.
    Kevin D in Indianapolis

  51. Gary

    Great fit. Flat, comfortable, best holster I have owned.

  52. Lester Hickox

    Another great Holster, great workmanship! This is the second one I have purchased.

  53. Shaun Parks

    I ordered the OWB holster for my M&P Shield. Perfect fit and retention for the weapon. It has great craftsmanship on the holster. This is the first holster I have purchased from On Your 6, and it WILL NOT be the last. The professionalism of the staff and their dedication to their customers are unmatched. I’ll be ordering holsters for ALL my other weapons ASAP. The function of product is great as well as the price. I’ve got (3) buddies who have already ordered based on my recommendation. Only one has received his holster/mag case but he is already considering future orders after just a week of use. “On Your 6” is top notch for your firearm needs.

  54. Cameron Haubrick

    Looks great, fits great, and feals great!

  55. bjupe

    Very comfortable, fast shipping. This is a very well made holster I highly recommend.

  56. Merc B,CC chi

    Hey This is Merc, CC chi,and i just want to put it out there that my kydex holster
    from on your 6 designs for my Smith &Wesson 9mm compact is by far 1 of the the best
    holsters that i have purchased,and i have brought many,i specified appendix carry
    option,and the holster design makes it very comfortable,sitting,bending,stooping
    ect,i would definitely recommend purchasing a holster from this company,and if
    your not satisfied,comes with a great warranty,just send it back,but overall i am
    for sure another satisfied customer,PS guys keep up the great work,thanks
    Merc B, CC chi.

  57. Chris R.

    Heard about these guys on a Podcast (I’m afraid I can’t remember which one – but it was one based in Texas). Looked them up, and liked what I saw in terms of other reviews, the fit around the M&P Shield, and I ordered one. They estimated 12-14 days to make & ship, and on Day 14 I received notice it had shipped as promised. Retention is quite positive, unlike the Galco it replaced, but still manageable as long as the clip is fully under the belt. Fit and finish is excellent, and I am happy to be using it as my EDC, appendix style. At $37 (with S&H), I am a satisfied customer. Well done!

  58. Glenda Reavis

    I love my owb holster!!Fits real close to my body after awhile you don’t even know its there.Excellent built holster!!! Highly recommend these guys!!! Excellent product!!! Thank You!!!

  59. Derek Brusen

    Love it. Great holster. Highly recommend it.

  60. George Faucett

    The holster and mag holster fit my Shield perfectly, liked it so much ordered one for my Ruger 1911.

  61. Jimmy

    I just got the IWB holster for S&W Shield and its perfect!!!

    The adjustable cant made it very comfortable, also very good retention.

    Thanks for a great product at a great price.


  62. Mike Burek jr.

    I just recently purchased my first hand gun. I was looking for small quality holster. I found theses guys on line and watched there videos. After seeing them in action and saw it was only $30.00 I had to get one.Love the holster. Fits me comfreable and is very well made and designed.

  63. Dave B

    Great value for the money, comfortable. Original clip too loose, sent new one that works perfectly, service oriented.

  64. Bradny Davila

    Awesome job, great customer service can’t ask for more.

  65. Rick

    This is one of the best if not the best holster I have. This holster fits like a glove really, everyone has a diff body but this is the one I wear all the time when I leave home and I don’t feel like I have to move it around once I get up or out of my car, or walking round. If someone looks at the pictures of the holster and have had a few that where uncomfortable you’ll see why this one is diff and will feel just fine. And the cost is really right, not 75 or 115 for something that you have to send back. Thanks for a great holster.

  66. Joel Rosario

    Love the holster, love the mag holder and appreciate the lifetime guarantee. I’m a newbe with conceal carry and ordered a IWB holster wit a “no” to the appendix carry option. Initially, I thought I would carry my S&W M&P 9c in the 5 o’clock position but realized (for my frame and gun profile) it would have been better to select “yes” for the appendix carry option. Nevertheless, it’s still comfortable and well made for the 12 o’clock position I carry it in. I’ll be ordering an appendix specific IWB holster very shortly for the slightly slimmer profile. Wish these guys had stickers for my safe! Exceptional work, emjoy the canting bonus. Great work!

  67. KS

    Nice holster. Fits my gun very well.
    Comfortable to wear.

  68. Bobby Tackett

    Awesome holster. Great fit, easy access. Own a couple of them. Since I carry them my friends have bought them for their guns. They liked the holsters that much. Great service from onyour6designs.

  69. Carl Den Houten

    Love my IWB holsters!! Fantastic product that doesn’t break the bank. Quality of these holster is top notch!! extremely comfortable and can carry all day.. Keep up the good work On Your 6!!

  70. Brian W

    Great quality and craftsmanship! Bought a pink holster for my GF’s S&W M&P compact and she absolutely loved it!! On Your 6 was the cheapest I could find and I was surprised how well they are made.

  71. Kevin

    This holster is excellent! Fits my m&p just perfect, and it is very comfortable! Shipping was very fast also..I would recommend this holster/company to anyone! Thank you

  72. Jordyn

    I’m truly impressed with my m&p shield holster you all sent me! The holster is comfortable, durable and great looking in the black carbon fiber. You guys keep up the great work. I will definitely be coming back and referring all my buddies your way.

  73. Ashley

    Love this holster! I’m new to carrying and this is the perfect holster for the M&P 40 shield! It’s comfortable and slim. The sweat guard can become uncomfortable after a while but I’m okay with that!

  74. Mark Thevenin

    Great holster, arrived quickly I have been wearing it for two weeks and it’s one of the most comfortable holsters I have ever worn. They have awesome customer service and kept in touch with me all the way through the ordering process and after it arrived. I will be ordering another holster soon.

  75. Cody Zust

    Great product. Fits my S&W Sigma 40 & 9 mm perfectly , and say more comfortable than you would think. I recommend this product if you are in need of a goo coceal holster.

  76. Malinda

    Very comfortable to wear. Very light. I love this holster

  77. Paul Colbeck

    We are all looking for the perfect shave and perfect holster. I found the perfect shave at Harry’s . com. The perfect holsters at On Your Six! I bought an IWB and a OWB for my S&W M&P 9c. Both are super comfortable, non marring,have great retention, and are a great value for the money. I plan to purchase one for my Glock 19. Not only do i love the holsters, the mag carriers I got fit my mags like NO OTHERS! Shipping was quick and reasonable. I’m a big fan of these quality products.

  78. Adam

    Completely satisfied and have already recommended your company to others. The fit is perfect and exactly what I was looking for. Will be ordering again in the near future.

  79. Bud

    I’m very pleased with my new IWB holster. It’s comfortable and fits my Shield perfectly.

  80. Mike London

    I like it. I like how it feels. The only thing is I wish the clip would hold the holster if you had it clipped on your pocket or on you pants without a belt. The way it is now if you don’t have it hooked around a belt the holster comes with the gun when you draw.


  81. Charles Frayer

    Great holster. Good quality, good price, and very comfortable.

  82. richard mills

    It is an excellent holster. So good I just ordered on for my m&p shield

  83. Hugh

    This holster is very comfortable, you can wear it all day and not even realize it is there. The firearm remains secure without movement regardless of activity. The matching magazine carrier is comfortable as well. I am very pleased with this purchase and will order additional on your six holsters for other firearms.

  84. Philip Bozza FFL

    Perfect…QUALITY is excellent…comfort good………..Now I need one for my Sig 9mm M11A1.

  85. Sebastian

    Went to the store the other day to buy a holster and I’m super happy I went with this company. Great customer service and they do everything they can to make sure you are happy with the holster. I’ve had my holster for a SW Shield for a couple days and I love it. Great feel and I’m much happier with this holster than those few leather ones I tried before going to on your 6. I highly recommend.

  86. John Bower

    I’ve worn this owb holster every day since i received it. very comfortable.conceals well. Thank You for a quality product.

  87. Andrew Romantum

    Recently got my 3 On Your 6 Holsters in the mail. I got IWB holsters for my full size Smith and Wesson M&P 9, M&P Shield 40, and one for my spare mag for the full size 9. All of the holsters are great, they are very comfortable , and extremely concealable. All three holsters hold the firearm/ magazine very firm allowing for a very quick but secure draw, and are as well very easy to re holster. I am a USMC Infantry Veteran as well as an NRA Certified Firearms Instructor and I would recommend On Your 6 to any of my students. By far the best holster you’ll find in it’s price range, I will be placing another order soon for an OWB that is light compatible.

  88. Bill Kight

    Since I’ve received my holster ( in “Killer Coyote”) , I’ve all but slept with it on ! I love my m&p shield and this holster makes it perfect ! , I have onyour6 holsters fot my LCR , G27 , and XD9 . I can’t get enough of them . My next will be for an LCP . I’d LOVE to get one for my Bond Arms derringer but I can’t get it to them (yet)
    Five stars …. ABSOLUTELY !

  89. Brad

    First off, it is a basic kydex IWB holster that you can find numerous places on the web. What attracted me to this holster was the price, which was $30. Most of these kydex holsters go for $60 and up and frankly I don’t see how you turn $2 worth of material into $60, no matter how you explain it. This holster is well made and a great fit for my firearm. It will not shake out of the holster even after broken in.
    Bought the IWB holster for my full size S&W M&P. At first it was a bit awkward, but this is my first experience with an IWB holster. It feels most natural for me to carry between 3 and 4 o’clock on my strong side. The clip of the holster would sit at a point where the belt was rounded due to the curve of the waist. It did not securely “hang” onto my belt without some adjusting and re-adjusting after sitting, driving, etc. And if I didn’t fidget with it, approx. 1 out of 5 draws would include the holster still on my firearm. I tried different ways to “fix” this issue as I did not want to fidget or draw with the holster still on at any given time.
    At this point I have taken off the clip and turned it around so the main backing of the clip slides between my belt and pants and then hooks under the belt. This seems to work the best. Time will tell.
    I would recommend this IWB holster and will probably buy another for my other carry firearm.

  90. Mike

    Great Holster for the price.

  91. Cliff

    Excellent IWB Holster. Best one I’ve tried yet for my S&W Shield. Just the right amount of retention. I have a thick, 1.5″ belt and it is a little hard to get the clip to grab the belt but once it’s on it hold tight.

  92. Tim Bainter

    Great price,fits great

  93. Civiliansoldier762

    Great holster for the price. Fit and finish are great. I am very satisfied with my purchase and would definitely recommend this as a good quality product. Y

  94. Tomcoyne

    Great will order more.

  95. Ethan

    Exactly what I was looking for. Very satisfied.

  96. Don O

    This is my third IWB OnYour6 holster. I Like them so much I didn’t need to consider any other holster when I got my new carry gun. I really like the belt clip, I don’t have to worry about the holster going anywhere The retention on the gun is just right. And the adjustable cant lets me get just the right angle. So light and thin and easy to put on. I have the usual drawer full of holsters searching for the right one. Found it with this brand

  97. Lu

    Great holster. Feels good, but it just rides a little too high for my taste. For the price, I still would recommend it!

  98. Rand Kruse

    My holster is exactly as advertised. I am 100% satisfied


    I love the holster!!!….I’ve been telling all my friends about it and they like it……very easy to use and to draw your weapon! and it’s very comfortable….

  100. CLAY

    Very nice IWB holster. Works like a champ, fits like a glove, holds tightly and lets loose when needed. Had it cut for appendix carry as well and it is comfortable sitting. I would buy more from onyour6.

  101. Miguel

    I haven’t had this holster very long but I’m already in love with it, its very simple, comfortable, and holds the weapon nice and tight. I wouldI would recommend an on your 6 holster to everyone.

  102. Ed

    It’s the best holster I’ve found yet

  103. Arlen Maxted

    I have tried several other holsters but this one was the best.

  104. adam

    First holster I’ve purchased. Quality craftsmanship. Do wish it had a bit of flexibility but once again, first holster.

  105. Brian

    I wa recently with a friend who had purchased a kydex holster for his Ruger LC9. He let me wear it and at the end of the day, he had to remind me I had it on. I had completely forgotten. I recently received my own kydex holster a few weeks ago for my S&W shield. I absolutely love it. If you want an Inside the Waist Band holster that you don’t notice, get the kydex holster.

  106. Sam

    I purchased this IWB holster for my full size Smith&Wesson M&P 40, and it fits perfectly. Before choosing “On Your 6” I searched around many different sites and stores but nothing came close to the price/style. It’s a simple design, it’s not bulky so there’s no need to worry about the print of your firearm. It fits very close to your waist and it’s very comfortable. There’s a good variety of colors to choose from when ordering as well. It took no time at all for it to ship to my home, and their website was very easy to navigate. I will absolutely be purchasing more for my other firearms along with a magazine holder. I would highly recommend purchasing this for yourself or as a gift. GREAT BUY.

  107. Brian

    Been carrying my Bodyguard 380 for about 2 wks now at the 4 o’clock position and i love it! On Your Six holsters are awesome! I will definitely order from this company again. Prompt delivery and good packaging. Glad i stumbled across this company!

  108. Chris bray

    Excellent Holster! Wish I knew about your company three years ago when I was looking for the right one. Very satisfied, thank you very much.

  109. David

    Perfect fit! Can carry with no worries everywhwere I go.

  110. Leo

    I am well pleased with the quality and fit of the holster. Pistol is very secure while in holster and gives me the confidence that it will not inadvertently fall out of the holster. I am new to conceal carry and that feeling of being secure means a lot to me. I actually carried all day, last Sunday, for the first time in my life. My wife and daughter had no idea that I was carrying. Highly recommend !!!!

  111. Blaine Means

    I love it feels good and holds my gun snugly. I received very quickly instead of their prediction of a longer length of because of the Memorial day holiday. I would certainly recommend your holsters to anyone looking for one.

  112. Doug Weddle

    Great for AIWB carry with small footprint and great fit and positive retention. Have other models and same quality throughout. Will definitely come back for more. Can’t beat the value for the money. Heard about you from Bob Mayne of Handgun World Podcast and Ben Branham of Modern Self Protection. Keep up the good work with great products, quick turn around and responsive customer service.

  113. David

    Very pleased with my holster and the way it fits my gun. Thank you for getting it out so fast. Can you all make holsters for any gun. Thanks

    • On Your 6

      Hi David,

      We’re happy to hear you are satisfied with you OY6D holster! We can pretty much make it for any handgun, as long as we have it in the shop. If it’s not in our inventory, then we would need the customer’s firearm in order to make the holster. Please let us know if there’s anything else we may assist you with.

  114. Anthony “Tony” L. Trotman

    This holster is 1 of 3 that I own from OY6D. It’s the best one I’ve ever owned, hands down!!! It’s even slimmer then my OY6D IWB holster. A big “thanks” to OY6D for being a great local SA company!

  115. curtis branson

    Good holster for everyday carry.

  116. Marcus

    Great product!! Made in the USA in San Antonio Tx. Fits like a glove, light weight and adjustable just as advertised. Will be a repeat customer.

  117. Steve

    This is my first Kydex IWB holster and I am still trying to get comfortable with it. In the past I have used a “sticky holster” for concealment inside my waistband and it is less bulky, easier to position. Possibly, I should have ordered the OWB but we’ll see. Your company provided exactly what I ordered and the quality is excellent. I would recommend your company to anyone looking for a Kydex holster, IWB or otherwise, especially if they are already using that kind of holster and are familiar with it. The whole process of purchasing and receiving the holster, was excellent. Thank you for your product. I’m sure we will do more business in the future.

    • On Your 6

      Hi Steve,

      Make sure you try the holster in different positions, not only on your belt, but also canting it. It’s just a matter of finding the right spot for you. If you need any assistance, please don’t hesitate to call or email us.


  118. donny tyler

    I am enjoying the holster, only wish it would have had a snap top strap of some kind on it. Other than that it is a fine holster. thanks

  119. Shawn

    I have two of their IWB appendix carry holsters, one for my M&P Shield 40 & Glock 36.. They are awesome holsters. I just ordered two OWB in black carbon fiber & mag holsters for these two guns.
    The fit and finish is awesome!
    Their customer service is second to none!!!
    Thanks Jim for going the extra mile. 🙂

  120. Matthew Pichardo

    My Smith & Wesson SD40 Appendix carry holster is amazing! The quality is great! The retention is perfect! I’m able to conceal my firearm perfectly on the body without any printing of the gun. I would recommend Onyour6designs to anybody who is looking for a holster at a great price and great quality. Thank you for the amazing product!

  121. Chris Thurston

    Great product. Will be ordering an OWB in the near future.

  122. Charles K

    This IWB holster was recommended to me and I am 100% satisfied with the comfort of the fit and the secure grip it has on the firearm. I use it in an appendix carry. It is so light you hardly know it’s there. Exactly what I was looking for!

  123. Brian Gowing

    Most comfortable IWB holster I’ve owned! Don’t even know that it’s there. Holds my S&W MP Shield 9mm securely. When On Your 6 makes a tuckable version I’m buying that one too!

  124. Chuck Thompson

    I have looked at and purchased a number of holsters but this one does the best job of concealing the gun and is also comfortable. I looked at many IWB holsters but they seemed so big and I was worried that they would be very uncomfortable to wear. I have worn this one in the car and just about every place else and have had no problems. I almost forget I’m wearing it…

  125. Tim Greenlee

    Nice snug fit, holds gun well and is easily readily to be used. Love it!

  126. Brad Hoover

    Love my new holster! Very secure, very comfortable and lightweight.

  127. James

    Customer support was very prompt and helpful. Received the holster for my performance center with TRL 1 light. Thank you

  128. Randy Lewis

    Great holster. Great retention and easy draw. Takes a little getting used to, just because it’s rigid, but I’ll be using it every day. Works great for appendix carry or strong side carry.

  129. Thomas

    Great job guys! Great retention! Very comfortable! Highly recommend! Thank You!

  130. James

    Hello thank you for the review email. I will say that since I received my holster all the others both leather and kydex have found their way to the round filing cabinet if you know what I mean. This is the absolute best holster I’ve tried and it has quickly become not only my only but also my daily carry holster and I wear it upwards of 10-12 hours a day and couldn’t be happier with it.

    Just wish you had a mold for my revolver and id be the next customer for that holster too

    Thanks for and awesome product at a great price

  131. AL

    I am very happy with the ISW holster I purchased for my M&P Shield 9mm. The holster is nice and light and keeps the gun nice and secure. I would definitely recommend this holster, and this company. When I received the holster the belt clip would not go over my 1 1/2 inch heavy duty belt. When I called On Your 6 holsters without hesitation they sent me out a slightly larger belt clip for my holster and mag holder which did the trick. I am making my second purchase for my Glock 36

  132. Bernardo

    comfortable holster with smooth round edges. belt clip very secure felt holster close in to body with no movement outward or front to back. holster holds gun securely and tight no worries of gun falling out of holster.I have used thin t shirt with holster with no noticeable imprinting. the adjustable cant and affordable price a plus for this purchase.Will definitely purchase again other models in future.

  133. David

    This is my first Kydex holster. I shopped around for quite a while at some of the other guys, but ended up going with On Your 6 Design after I saw their holster for my S&W SD9VE. Such great attention to detail. Not only did OY6D work the forward serrations into the design of the holster, but also the indexing pad area from the frame of the gun. Then I saw the price! I ordered it right away.
    The retention is superb. The trigger area is completely covered, and the mag release is free and clear. With some holsters I have had an issue getting a high purchase due to the bottom of the trigger guard being covered a little too much, but this holster allows me to get up as high as possible with my grip.
    One negative I have (and this is nitpicking, but y’all might be able to work it into a future design) with the OWB holster, I cannot adjust the cant, only the ride height with my 1.5″ gun belt. That being said, I totally plan on buying an IWB and some mag carriers from On Your 6 Designs.
    A word about the companies customer service; OUTSTANDING. I had neglected to verify the turnaround time before placing my order. I sent an email and heard back within an hour and 10 minutes. I had the Holster within a week of ordering it.

  134. Bob Crisalli

    Ordered my holster for the M&P shield with the TLR6 laser. Fit is awesome. Weapon stays in nice and snug. Wearing it In the waistband is real comfortable. Highly recommend

  135. Dale Coleman

    I love it. It fits my gun perfect. And it fits real good on my side.

  136. Gene Farrar

    Had my new IWB for a week now. First time full-time carrier and this holster had really made it easy getting use to carrying. I purchased this for my .45 Cal M&P Compact and the retention is amazing. Will be ordering the OWB shortly. Thanks 6.

  137. Edwin Wentworth

    Have had my new holster for about 2 weeks now and it is the best purchase I have ever made for concealed carry. I think it is excellent

  138. Mark Rager

    Received my IWB holster today for my SD9VE. It fits like a glove and is very lite and comfortable. I’ll be ordering an OWB with mag holster soon.

  139. Jim Duncan

    I received my first order from you last week. It arrived ahead of schedule. I am very pleased with every aspect of the magazine holders and holster I purchased! It fits my S&W 9mm and .45 mags, and Shield .45 like a custom glove. The best retention I’ve ever seen in a friction only fit holster with no other retention mechanisms. The carry position adjustability, belt slot fit, weight, etc. makes this the best overall concealed carry stuff I’ve found. I was so surprised and pleased with you guys, I sent a department-wide email to the all of the police officers in my agency.

  140. Jon Gray

    Got a double owb mag holster in the carbon fiber blood red, and it is amazing how comfortable it is to wear, can go all day with it on and not have to shift it or anything, and being a bigger guy that says alot to me,.. Amazing job #onyoursixdesigns keep up the great work, will definitely be returning for more products

  141. twhite900

    Love my in the waist holster for my Shield. Holds it great and is the most comfortable holster I have. I feel more comfortable caring safely with their design than others that I have. I have orders another one for my XD and hopefully will be in soon. Will be ordering more for my other carry pistols.

  142. Brian

    Awesome customer service. Great holster I’ve been wearing it for two weeks now and it’s comfortable and secure. Very well made.

  143. chuck.mills

    Great holster is my M&P 9mm compact perfect.
    I needed a larger belt clip for a thicker belt.
    Outstanding customer service


    I have both the IWB & OWB for my Shield 9mm… I’ve been using them for over 2 yrs and they are perfect fit and secure. Ya’ll do great work. I’ve recommended them to other shooters.

  145. Mark Shilling

    What a great holster. Fit my S&W 9mm M2.0 perfectly.
    Been wearing this almost continuously for 3 weeks now and it’s the most comfortable holster I’ve ever had.
    Very happy with this purchase.

  146. slingshot1133

    I’ve run many different IWB holsters, this one is just about perfect as far as appendix position holsters. Thin Kydex has enough flexibility for full mobility, but the retention is rock solid. Plenty of cant adjustment to get the right purchase on the weapon and a consistent draw. The holster puts the weapon slightly higher @ the belt line than some holsters, but this actually gets the muzzle off the groin and in a more comfortable position, especially when seated. Zero printing with this rig, T shirt and Jeans with no indication that I’m carrying. Top shelf, hand made in the USA product from a trusted company. I will continue to do business with them.

  147. Barry W

    The OnYour6Designs IWB holster is fantastic. I have had it for close to a year. It is a basic no-nonsense design that works well for my M&P 2.0. It has a positive click with great retention. I decided to try another company’s holster for my Walther PPS M2 and I regret it. Thats why I’m back here checking out holsters again and will be ordering one soon.

  148. Kevin H

    Just received my holster today, the quality is amazing! I think I have finally found the perfect holster for my M&P Shield. I will be purchasing more holsters from OY6D in the future for other firearms!

  149. Mister Freedom

    I got the owb Texas color holster for my Shield 45 2.0 a month ago. I really like how comfortable it feels. Especially like the way it hugs against my body. Good quality and design. 5 star rating for me.

  150. LuckyLuciano #67

    Got mine in the mail today S&W Shield 9. (Summer Vibes) Holster/Magazine. Like many others here I’m very pleased. Tnx Guys job well done. Will B back! I think I need another holster that will fit my gun with the RECOVER /SHR9 picatinny rail adapter. Can you guys, do it?

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