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Sar Arms Custom Kydex Holster

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Sar Arms Custom Kydex Holster


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Sar Arms Concealed IWB Kydex Holsters

Every SAR Arms IWB Holster is hand molded to fit each specific SAR Arms model. All On Your 6 IWB holsters come with a sweat guard and an adjustable cant system built into it.
With a holster weight of just over 2 oz, our SAR Arms holsters are slim and streamlined so there is no excess bulk!

With the adjustable cant you can use our Kydex IWB holsters to fit any position that’s comfortable for you, including appendix (if you prefer small of the back carry, make sure you order a holster for the opposite hand).

Sar Arms Concealed OWB Kydex Holsters

Our OWB kydex holsters are 1 of the slimmest firearm solutions on the market. We have also added the option to put a cant to it as well.
Each OWB custom kydex holster is molded to fit each Sar Arms model like a glove. With these OWB holsters you can still conceal carry without worry! All our OWB holsters sit High & Tight to the body to help with concealment.

The largest firearms manufacturer in Turkey, Sar Arms produces firearm that are used by the military, law enforcement groups, and even private individuals. The brand is well-known in Turkey and gaining traction in the U.S. thanks to their reliable nature and superior quality build. As more Americans adopt this imported firearm, they need high-quality holsters for use in concealed carry. With options for inside and outside the waistband, On Your 6 Designs makes custom Kydex holsters that are fitted for your model of Sar Arms firearm. Thin and light, our Kydex holsters make concealing your firearm effortless.

On Your 6 Designs makes Custom Kydex Holsters For Sar Arms Models:


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Weight 1 oz
SAR Arms Models



In the Waist Band, Out of the Waist Band


Right, Left

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10 reviews for Sar Arms Custom Kydex Holster

  1. Test


  2. Quan H.

    Excellent quality and surprisingly comfortable for such a large pistol.

  3. Scott Baer

    *Excellent construction using quality materials handcrafted to a snug fit for great draw/re-holster action
    *Fast order processing with prompt turnaround, courteous service and a great price made for a overall great experience!
    Definitely won my repeat business!

  4. Jim faulkner

    It’s just perfect in fit and craftsmanship! Couldn’t ask for more.

  5. Ken Ellenburg

    I am super impressed. I am certain it is impossible to design a better holster for comfort, concealment and strength. It is light weight and the adjustable cant make it so versatile it will work at any location from appendix to booty cheek. 5 stars from me for sure. Thank You

  6. Brian Martin

    Very nice holster. Fits well and I am happy with my purchase.
    Just one concern, the kydex is thinner than any other holster that I have. I’m not sure if that will impact holster life or not. But it does come with a lifetime warranty.

  7. Thomas walker

    I love it fits perfect great company To buy from thanks

  8. Ken Day

    The only problem I have had with this holster is my fault. I ordered the Sar Arms B6P holster instead of the B6P Compact holster. It still works fine, just a bit longer than I would have liked. Good product, good service!

  9. Anthony

    Excellent. Perfect fit. Bam! Showed up in no time. Love to see people still taking pride in their work! I think I found someone I will recommend. Keep it up.
    Peace and strength.

  10. Danladi

    I purchased my holster about 2 years ago and it has held up great! It fits great, is very lightweight, and still looks brand new! I had one issue with the belt clip breaking but I called and they sent me the upgraded belt clip immediately. Great product! Great customer service! Keep up the good work!


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