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Ruger Custom Kydex Holster

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Ruger Custom Kydex Holster

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Ruger Concealed IWB Kydex Holsters

Every Ruger IWB Holster is hand molded to fit each specific Ruger model. All On Your 6 IWB holsters come with a sweat guard and an adjustable cant system built into it.
With a holster weight of just over 2 oz, our Ruger holsters are slim and streamlined so there is no excess bulk!

With the adjustable cant you can use our Kydex IWB holsters to fit any position that’s comfortable for you, including appendix (if you prefer small of the back carry, make sure you order a holster for the opposite hand).

Ruger Concealed OWB Kydex Holsters

We are proud to call our OWB holsters one of the slimmest available on the market. We have also added the option to put a cant to it as well.
Each OWB holster is specially molded to fit each specific Ruger model like a glove. With these OWB holsters you can still conceal carry without worry! All our OWB holsters sit High & Tight to the body to help with concealment.

A prolific firearms manufacturer, it’s hard not to find a Ruger made firearm in the safe of every gun-owning American. Known for their quality craftsmanship and reliability, Ruger has been a favorite in the concealed carry community for decades. Ruger has maintained their favored position amongst firearm owners by offering a variety of slim, and light firearm’s and revolvers, purpose built for concealed carry use. Our IWB and OWB custom Kydex holsters are handmade to match the size and shape of your particular Ruger model, ensuring that your concealed firearm stays in place until you need it most.

On Your 6 Designs makes Custom Kydex Holsters For Ruger models:

1911 5″
1911 4″
1911 3″
Security-9 Fullsize
American 9mm
LCR (.38 special only)
LC9 / LC380
LC9S with Crimson Trace
LC9 / LC380 with Crimson Trace
SR9 Compact
SR40 Compact
SR9/40 Fullsize
SR45 Fullsize

Additional information

Weight 1 oz
Dimensions N/A
Ruger models

Max 9, 5.7, 1911 5", 1911 4", 1911 3", Security-9 Fullsize, American 9mm, LCR (.38 special only), EC9S, LC9 / LC380, LC9S, LCP, LCP II, SR22, SR9 C, SR40 C, SR9/40 Fullsize, SR45 Fullsize, P95, P89


In the Waist Band, Out of the Waist Band


Right, Left

Belt Size

Includes all sizes


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76 reviews for Ruger Custom Kydex Holster

  1. mikeo

    I’ve been wearing my onyoursix IWB, for my Ruger LCR since it came in.
    It is great and fits without printing. It works for:4:00 to appendix carry, comfortably I’m going to order an OWB model soon.

  2. Brian

    I ordered one of these for my Ruger SR1911 and its amazing for the price!! Will buy again!!

  3. Juan

    I stopped by at the store to get an IWB for my Ruger LCP w/ Crimson trace laser. They had it done in 10 minutes while I waited. This holster is Extremely comfortable and the retension for drawing and reholstering is beyond exceptional. Would recommend this holster to everybody. Hands down five stars.

  4. Howard

    I tried several Concealed Carry options for my Ruger LC9, and really like this IWB solution.
    The adjustable cant allows me to carry in the 4:00 position very comfortably.
    I also use the IWB magazine holster. Great products that I highly recommend !

  5. Matt W.

    Great holster, the fit feels great (even with the love handles), and customer service is great. I ordered a holster but I could not find the holster for my mag so I sent a message to On Your 6 and instead of emailing me I got a call the next day. I was told they could make what I needed and I received it all two days later. Thanks guys.

  6. Keith

    I am ordering my second holster. I am very pleased with this holster. I find I always carry the one with the best holster, rather than the one I prefer to carry. Buy one for each, you will not be disappointed. There is an adjustment period. I find full size to be the most comfortable, appendix carry for me.

  7. Brian

    I had a hard time finding a good fitting, well made kydex holster for my LC9s. This holster fit perfectly and works well for me. I highly recommend it to others that are looking for a good IWB holster that can be slipped on and off without much difficulty.

    I loved my first holster so much, that I am returning to purchase another one for my SR9c.

  8. mike

    Product is great!
    Most comfortable holster I’ve ever experienced. I am definitely going to be a repeat customer.
    Only thing in my opinion that needs work is the processing and communication. For a ready made product it took 3 days to process and ship out. I got an email saying “order is complete” what does that mean? Did it deliver or just shipping out?
    I replied to the email and actually got a reply back within an hour or so.
    This is an easy fix. The product is worth the wait. Maybe I was just so excited and anxious.
    Solid guys.

  9. Dennis Shaw

    I have bought four holsters from on your 6 now and love them all. Just discovered that the holster for my Ruger SR22 is also a perfect fit for my Walther P22. I had been using an Uncle Mikes soft IWB but always found it to be too flimsy for my tastes and many others to be uncomfortable. The IWB holster is comfortable for all day wear even with my HK VP9.

  10. Dave Meyers

    Love my holster. It is not bulky and fits my LC9 like a glove. I like the protection it provides for the pistol the and laser sight. I was pleasantly surprised at the snug fit of the pistol in the holster, very secure. Thanks for providing a superior product.

  11. Miguel Angel

    I bought a few holsters before trying to get a comfortable “in waist” holster for my RUGER SR 40c but I wasn’t very lucky. I got this holster since it wasn’t expensive and made out of a different material. I’ve being using it daily for the last 3 weeks and I’m amaze of the comfort it provides. I recommends it to anyone who’s looking for a comfortable, secure and super light holster.

  12. Ronnie

    Great product! Amazing fit! Great quality!

  13. Michael

    After spending some time with an SR40c in an IWB I have to admit it was much more comfortable than I thought it would be. I have carried a Keltec P3AT since getting your IWB and its hardly noticeable. The SR40c in your holster was just as concealed. With the 9 round mag the Ruger was more comfortable seated in the car but the 15 round mag for all other activities concealed just as well. All of my belts are long enough even with the IWB single mag carrier. Good job On your 6 and I look forward to ordering an OWB from you.

  14. Mark

    Holster fits my Ruger LC9s Pro like a glove. These guys make a great holster at a great price and their customer service can’t be beat. I will be ordering another holster for my wife in the future. Great holsters and great customer service.

  15. EMA#

    This is a great product. Fits great, did have a slight problem with the belt clip. It didn’t fit tight against the holster its self and when I would draw the clip would not catch my belt, so the whole thing would come out. I removed the clip and with a heat gun made the adjustment. Works perfect now. Love it. I got the 4 inch for the Ruger commander. I need to get one for the LC9 now.

  16. Danny Kircus

    I love my new IWB holster. It has become my favorite.

  17. Randym Blumenschein

    I ordered an inside the belt and an outside the belt for a Ruger SR40C delivery was about 7 days since I am in another state from Texas I felt delivery was acceptable. Construction was very well made and as a bonus this holster also fits my Walther CCP. Sorry guys I won’t need to buy another holster for the Walther but I am always looking at other guns so I will be ordering again. Very happy with the product

  18. Willie Hayes

    This is a very comfortable holster. It’s light weight. I have several other holsters from different companies,
    such as DeSantis and others but this holster has them all beat. It solved all the problems I was having with the others. I will be a repeat customer.

  19. Michael

    I have been wearing my LCP Ruger IWB holster for 2 weeks and its awesome I love it feels so comfortable and light that I order another one for my Shield!

  20. Tim M

    Good holster. Played with it a short bit to get a handle and loosen the grip on the gun a tad. I bought the Appendix (inside the pants) holster and is very comfortable. I adjusted it first to the angle I wanted and came very close to what my need was. The profile is low but barely visible if the shirt is loose enuff… i would recommend it to others.

  21. Fred Booker

    Exactly what I was looking for with my Ruger LCR. Adjustable cant, so I can get the best angle for wearing in different places. I’ve worn it appendix at 2:00, crossdraw at 11:00, and at 3:00 and 4:00. I just ordered another one for my Springfield XDS.

  22. Ron

    I have had my IWB for my LC9s for about 2 weeks and love it. Fully concealed and comfortable. I will be a repeat customer!! Thank You!!

  23. Bob

    Great little holster. First IWB for me. Ordered a left hand so I can carry IWB in the small of the back for a right hand draw. Works well. I am quite pleased with the ease the weapon comes out, while at the same time feeling totally comfortable with how secure the retention holds things for daily use.

    I am in the process of determining which of my other CCW’s I need these holsters for…

  24. Scotty

    Like most folks, I have a box full of holsters that don’t meet my needs. I’ve been using the IWB for my LC9s EDC since it arrived in the mail. I think I’ll be cleaning out that box, great holster at a fabulous price and quick delivery. I’ve been tell and showing everyone this great holster.

  25. Brian

    This is my 2nd holster from onyour6. I have worn my Sig938 for a couple years in one and am just as impressed with my SR9 holster. It is nice to be able to conceal a full size weapon at my size (5’11”, 145#) in a tshirt.

  26. Vern

    This is a great little holster for my LC9s when worn strong side at 3:30. I couldn’t ask for anything better. But, I prefer to carry cross draw because I spend a lot of time sitting, either at work or in the car, and here in the northland we wear heavy coats outside for 4-5 months of the year. There’s not quite enough adjustment to get a nice reverse cant for cross draw and I haven’t had enough time to diddle with it to see if I can improve it. I’d like to get to a 15-20 degrees reverse cant.

  27. Daryl H

    Great price and fast shipping. This is my second holster from On Your 6. The one I use for my SR9c works great and very comfortable. I expect this one to do the same with my LC9s. The fit with the LC9s in it is a little more snug than the one with my SR9c but I know the pistol is secure. It will just take a little getting used to. I really like the way the holster’s are a little more smooth around the pistol. It helps keep from printing as bad as I have seen with some much more expensive holsters.

  28. Rob

    All I can say is AWESOME! Not only the holster, but the customer service as well. I wanted to gift one of these beauties to my son for his new ruger. I placed an order on a Thursday evening and the the holster arrived at my door on the following Tuesday afternoon. What I need to mention is the fact that I live in WV. WoW! My son reports ” an excellent holster that he loves and that he will be making future orders for himself.” Thank you ON YOUR 6! You are the best!

  29. William

    I’ve ordered several holsters from OY6 and they have all been outstanding products. I have a slim build so concealment can be problematic. OY6 uses a thinner kydex than most so the holster itself is slightly slimmer than other kydex I have used but still maintains an adequate level of retention.

    I recently acquired a LC9S Pro and added a Veridian light. OY6 did not have a template but told me to send my light to them and they would accomodate. The light had a custom feature which is activated via magnet. OY6 not only molded kydex for my firearm/light combo, but incorporated the needed magnets into the kydex to maintain full functionality of the light. All in under a week, all at no extra cost.

    Hats off to OY6. Fantastic product, quality workmanship on finishing, and superior customer service and relations.

  30. James

    Perfect fit for my Ruger SR45. Wear in the 4 o’clock position.

  31. Darrell

    After 3 weeks of testing the IWB holster for the LC9s, everything functions as it should; draw & re-holstering, belt clip is decent, cant adjustment screws stay tight and fits about as snug as can be to my side. I have not yet done any grinding on it.
    Thanks for the great product and I’ll tell my friends about On Your 6 Designs.

  32. Chad

    I ordered an OWB for my Ruger LC9sPro. It fits perfectly is very comfortable to wear. Quality material and construction. I had tried several different holsters, and this one is the best. I love it so much I plan to order more holsters for my other carry gun(s). On You Six has earned my respect, trust, and repeat business.

  33. Lowell Dunn

    Got my holster a few weeks ago. I have been under the weather and was spending most of my time going back and forth to the Dr’s office.

    Finally got the opportunity to carry the beginning of this week and I am totally in love with this holster. I am a larger guy and always feel a bit uncomfortable when I carry, this holster is so compact and form fitting to my Ruger that I almos forget it’s in my waistband.

    I am going to order an IWB this week for my Walther PPX

  34. Clint Harrison

    AWESOME!! Very well constructed. Great fit. gun fits like a glove. feel very confident to safely carry a loaded gun in this holster. It appears that it will wear like a tank yet comfortable to wear. Very pleased with the quality, price, service and fast communication throughout the ordering process. Thank you !

  35. Michael

    Couldn’t ask for a better fit. Fits my Ruger P95 like a glove.

  36. K W

    Love it, great fit, comfortable and the best price around. A very nice fit and size for the Ruger LCP.

  37. Lee

    Awesome Holsters! I have been looking for and testing various iwb holsters and have FINALLY found a holster that is quality made and priced right! All my pistols will have holsters from On Your 6 Designs! Keep up the GREAT work guys!

  38. Justin

    Got my IWB holster for my Ruger SR40c about two weeks ago. I’m very happy with it. It conceals very well even with a tighter t shirt on. Will be getting a OWB soon! Thank you for making a quality holster at an reasonable price.

  39. Anthony quinones

    Awesome holster! Great price and delivery time! Thanks to all!

  40. Donald A Kalina

    I purchased my holster for my Ruger LCP 380 with the Crimson Trace laser. My holster fit my handgun perfectly. Workmanship was excellent.

  41. daniel kiesow

    looks good fits great great deal

  42. Scott

    The best ccw holster i have bought & used so far. A lot more comfortable than any holster i have. I will probably buy another one for my next gun.

  43. John

    Absolutely the best holster hands down. The holster was for my Ruger LC9’s pro. I believe the mold was for an early LC9 which had a small bump out in the kydex for the safety. My LC9’s pro does not have a safety. So, I put a hot hair dryer on the bump out for a few seconds and mashed it flat. Not a big deal at all. The retention of the weapon is amazing. True fit for the LC9 and compfy IWB. I just ordered another one for my back up. LCP .380. Quick fab & ship too!

  44. Bill F

    Love it!
    Simple,easy,comfortable and versatile.

  45. James W Duff

    This IWB holster for my Ruger SR9C is awesome, while being secure it still allows quick sure access to my fire arm. The adjustment for the belt loop is a nice touch as well. I have not used it except to dry fit it,but will on Saturday. I’m impressed.

  46. Scott A.

    4.9 out of 5 stars! First, it’s a truly perfect fit out of the box. I have a LC9s w/ Crimson Trace LASER and I was concerned about the fit with the LASER. No issue at all! Good quality kydex and truly a solid low profile IWB holster. Left off 0.1 star due to the restrictions on the cant angles. Not a huge issue. However, I had to elongate one of the spaces for the belt clip retainer screws in order to adjust to the perfect cant. Easy to do and now it’s perfect. Thank you to On Your 6 for the Veteran discount as well!

  47. Travis Carter

    Purchased a Tiffany blue for my wife’s LCP. She loves it!

  48. Brian D.

    I recieved my appendix holster for my Ruger LC9s a few days after ordering it. I used it that same day. It was a breath of fresh air. It worked excellent with good solid retention and almost zero printing even in a tee shirt. It felt safe and secure. After a few days I found it hard to get on and off my belt. i emailed the company and they replied the same day saying they’d send me new larger clips. I recieved the clips a few days later. Great customer service. I practiced drawing and and appreciated the combat style holster since I could grasp the grip easy to draw the LC9. I’ve been using it since. I don’t feel it on me as the day goes on and could forget it was there… but I know it is. I appreciate it is made in America and the lifetime guarantee too! I will be ordering more holsters for myslelf and recommending them to my friends.

  49. Albert Black Jr

    Tried the holster for several days and just couldn’t get used to it. Let a fellow cop borrow it and he loves it!
    So he paid me for mine and we’re both happy.
    I guess after all these years I’m just used to having a floppy old suede holster inside my waist band. Most guys
    won’t use the ‘old’ kind like that because it’s hard to re-holster; but I’ve gotten it down-pat.
    Your material is absolutely top-notch and should last forever.
    Thanks for your quick service and asking for feedback.

  50. Larry Moak

    I expected excellence and that is exactly what I got. The holster fits better than a glove . It retains the pistol so it is impossible to fall out, yet has just the right amount of friction when drawing.

  51. teddorrington

    Love my Ruger LC9s holster (and mag carrier).
    After countless holsters I can now appendix carry in total comfort.
    I have 2 good quality , thick 1.5″ leather belts ( from a quality holster maker) and a 1.5″ tactical belt; the 1.5 inch belt choice when ordering your holster was too small. Go with 1.75″. If you have trouble with belt size fit, the replacement clips are inexpensive.
    Good value. Will by another for my 1911

  52. David

    Love this IWB holster first one I’ve used that don’t interfear with safety.

  53. Randy Howard

    I like my holster for my Ruger SR9C. the gun fits perfect. I haven’t worn it that much, but believe it will be fairly comfortable.

  54. R M

    Nice gun fit but would rather have a metal clip for easier attach and detach to belt.

  55. Robert Kurth

    Quality holster. The level of adjustment is not as flexible as I thought, however it’s beats anything I have. Quality materials and a good fit for my Ruger 45. Only concern at this point is how tight should the screws be so they are secure but not crack?

    • On Your 6

      Hi Robert,

      The screws should be tightened by hand, until they stop turning. The slabs (what the screws go into) have a stopping point. Please email or call us if there is anything else we may assist you with.


  56. Mike DeLawyer

    Awesome holster, comfortable, compact, great quality and fast turn around. I will continue to buy from this company.

  57. S. May

    This is a great holster; it’s well made and fits the Ruger LC9S with Lasermax laser perfectly. The only reason I give it 4 stars instead of 5 is that I can’t wear it under a tucked-in shirt.

  58. Tony M. boyd

    A nice fit for the pistol and is actually a comfortable holster for an IWB holster.

  59. Richard Wengatz

    On Your 6 Designs – Holster is worn daily, with “superior” year round “comfort” and gun being “secured” far better than my prior Crossbreed holster. Customer Service, Communications & Shipping are 2nd to None !! Thanks again for your offerings at super pricing !! Rich W.

  60. Mike Brewer

    Perfect quality products

  61. Carl Slaughter

    Great build! Top quality in material,design, retention, and comfort. Not only would I recommend, but ordering one for a different gun. Very easily could be a new favorite. Thanks On Your 6 Design!!

  62. Thomas

    I bought 2, one for my LC9s and another for my MP Shield. Great holster! Secure retention. The kydex is much thinner than my last holster. Love it! Very comfortable when conceal carrying. I highly recommend Onyour6! Will definitely buy from again. Great job guys!

  63. Jose

    Very well made holsters, I got both, inside and outside , I carry a ruger SR40C, fits perfectly, i don’t even worry if it comes out by accident, it’s secures perfect, next hand gun I buy the holster will be here, n customers service is great

  64. Lee Branham

    Excellent holster

  65. Stephen Abamonte

    I recently purchased a Kydex holster for my Ruger LCP and couldn’t be happier with it. In a word, it’s perfect. The fit and finish of the holster is second to none, being as good as other manufacturer’s holsters I own that cost considerably more. The speed with which I received the product was also faster than other manufacturers. Great product, better price than others I’ve bought and rapid service, what more could you ask for?

  66. Tony

    I have been looking for a Kydex IWB holster for my LCP and this holster is perfect.
    Great retention and comfortable carry. Quality workmanship for a very reasonable price. Highly recommended.

  67. Avery

    I have the Ruger SR9c with the IWB holster. I conceal carry everyday and it is like I do not even have it on! It fits and rides so well it is unbelievable! I have had it over a year now and would not trade it for any other holster on the market. If you don’t have an On Your 6 Design holster, you might as well put it in your pocket!

  68. paul kalman

    I have a full size ruger american pistol 9mm duty version. I have a crimson trace rail master on it and I am left handed. As you might imagine, it is not easy (read impossible) to find a holster for this combination. I found onyour6designs and in about 10 days had a great owb holster that fits both my rig and me perfectly. Great job! Great product! Great people! thanks

  69. Ralph

    I have tried many other holsters that wouldn’t keep my pistol up tight against my body as well as this holster does. I am so pleased that I am ordering the same style for my Glock. Great product On Your 6 Designs. Thank You!

  70. Abraham

    The first holster I purchased was for my Ruger 1911 and an outside the pants magazine holder. I had a problem with the holster belt loop but Jack the owner was quick to remedy it.
    I was so impressed with the quality and the customer service, that I recently purchased one for my Smith & Wesson 9mm Shield with a combo light /laser. Admittedly I was a little concerned about all the complicated angles but it fit to perfection. I look forward to outfitting the rest of my hand guns with these great holsters.

  71. J. Watts

    After trying a hybrid IWB from another company and being unsatisfied with how it “fit”, I was skeptical about buying another IWB, seeing as I’ve always been an OWB kind of guy. However, after reading/watching many reviews, I decided to go ahead and order one for my Ruger American 9mm. I figured, if nothing else, if be supporting American small business.
    I am happy to report that I received my new holster within the stated time window, and I am absolutely astounded at how comfortable this holster really is. The narrower profile allows me to carry appendix with ease and minimal printing (which is due entirely to my aging gut…lol), and the belt clip holds fast without being terribly difficult to remove from my belt. Kudos to onyour6designs, because you are now my go-to holster people. Thank you so very much!

    J. Watts

  72. LowProfile

    Love my Ruger LC9s with the Laser Max OWB. The fit and retention is fantastic.
    I’m here to buy a mag holder, but thought I’d share my review


    Absolutely love this company. I own 3 guns and I order my holsters from here. They came highly recommended from my gun instructor, who is also retired police officer. High quality products, no issues.

  74. Garry

    Wore mine for the LCP today with a tee shirt and pair of shorts. Great, didn’t hardly notice it was there. Glad I ordered another holster from the company.

  75. Brandon Mulcunry

    Great holster — It shipped in 3 business days, arrived two days later. Fits my Ruger SR45 perfectly. I grabbed a spare mag holster as well. That worked great as well. I carry on the rear of my hip, right side — it does not bother me at all while driving, and I am on the larger side. Draws easily and snaps right back into the holster without any issues.

  76. Darrell Davis

    Great price for a quality product. Ordered two iwb. One for Ruger Security 9 and a Glock 43. I will be ordering more for other firearms. Good job, guys.

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