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H&K Custom Kydex Holster

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H&K Custom Kydex Holster


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H&K Concealed IWB Kydex Holsters Description

Every H&K IWB Holster is hand molded to fit each specific H&K model. All On Your 6 IWB holsters come with a sweat guard and an adjustable cant system built into it.
With a holster weight of just over 2 oz, our H&K holsters are slim and streamlined so there is no excess bulk!

With the adjustable cant you can use our Kydex IWB holsters to fit any position that’s comfortable for you, including appendix (if you prefer small of the back carry, make sure you order a holster for the opposite hand).

Our OWB H&K holsters are 1 of the slimmest on the market. We have also added the option to put a cant to it as well.
Each OWB Kydex holster is molded to fit each specific model like a glove. With these Kydex OWB H&K holsters you can still conceal carry your Heckler & Koch firearms without worry! All of our OWB holsters sit High & Tight to the body to help with concealment and comfort.

H&K is renowned for their innovative designs and firearms that push the limits of performance and accuracy. Guided by a motto of “No Compromises,” the weapons of H&K have been used by elite military operators and premier law enforcement officials around the world. It also makes them a popular choice for the concealed carry market. Like H&K, On Your 6 Designs doesn’t compromise on the quality of our concealed carry holsters. We use a high-quality Kydex while making IWB and OWB holsters for your H&K firearm . We make each holster by hand, and back all of our work with our excellent lifetime warranty.

On Your 6 Designs makes Custom Kydex Holsters For H&K Models:

P2000 (9mm & 40cal)
P2000SK (9mm & 40cal)

Additional information

Weight 1 oz
Dimensions N/A
H&K models

VP9, P2000 (9mm & 40cal), P2000SK (9mm & 40cal), USP Fullsize 9/40


In the Waist Band, Out of the Waist Band


Right, Left

Belt Size

Includes all sizes


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20 reviews for H&K Custom Kydex Holster

  1. Tony

    Been carrying with this holster just a short time, however I will rate it very good. It compares with other brand’s i have that are much more expensive. It’s secure, offers solid retention yet quick draw presentation, lightweight. The adjustable cant is nice allowing more options.

    Customer service GREAT!!
    I emailed afterwards requesting a different belt clip so I can carry with multiple belts…….couple days later a free one came in the mail, can’t beat that.

    Good product and Customer Service!!!

  2. Listz

    I just got my IWB holster for my HK compact .40 and I couldn’t be happier. I’m a bodyguard and I’ve worn a leather IWB holster which has served me for 7 years but one problem with that was as soon as I drew my weapon I couldn’t re-holster it with out taking the holster off. With my new On your 6 holster I can now draw my weapon and re-holsteri it like butter. There is no excess kydex, it’s cut and molded to perfection. The only issue I had was getting the J hook to catch on my belt but removing the 2 screws and reversing the J hook fixed that issue in a jiffy. Thanks for such an affordable product that works like a million bucks.


  3. Jim

    Awesome holster especially for such a low price. Very light and compact. Almost invisible when concealed in plain clothes. I will definitely be picking up another in a different color for the p2000 and most likely a couple more for my personal firearms.

  4. KC

    Range Sisters – listen up: You want to visit this place. Outstanding service and staff. On Your 6 Designs was recommended to me by a friend from the San Antonio chapter of A Girl and a Gun club. OY6 was created in 2011 in the owner’s garage. I can tell you that he (Nick) seems to be building on his success in the correct manner –consistently outstanding customer service, and a great quality custom product made while you wait. Nick and his team stayed long past closing, finishing up projects and helping me.

    Although their gun line/product listing needs updating (it does not include the 2014 Heckler& Koch VP9), they had actually acquired a new VP9 a few months earlier and had already made quite a few holsters for it. My OWB holster is perfectly molded for just the right amount of retention and a satisfying click when fully seated. Not too much tension, nor too little. The design is basic and pretty much like most others in this category. But the carbon finish is subtle and beautiful and a wee bit classier than the flat black (which always looks like freshly tarred blacktop to me 😉 Beautiful. (I’d like to upload a pic if possible…hint, hint.) It rides unbelievably close and light. Love it. They threw in extra 2″ belt clips at no cost when I couldn’t decide which belt size I’d use more. Only wish they had t-shirts (long sleeve and/or V-neck please) for women/girls. I’d buy a bunch in support.

    The product is good. But here’s why they earned a loyal long term customer: 1) Not once did anyone treat me in a condescending or patronizing manner, even though I was the only female in the place; 2) Although I am sure he had many more important things to do (on a Super Bowl Saturday night!) Nick took 20 minutes (after COB) to carefully and meticulously break down and clean up my (over-loved-on) VP9. For no reason other than what appears to be a love of firearms and a true spirit of service. His attention to detail and helpfulness is remarkable and (unfortunately) uncommon.

    So — Fellow Female Firearm Fans — stop giving your money to businesses who address you as “the little lady” and ask if you “know what kind of gun you have,” or whether you were “able to hit the target” (all actual experiences this week). Don’t patronize businesses who leave you standing at the counter while they serve everyone else in a 2mi radius, then speak to you with barely concealed disdain, or try to sell you holsters made for other guns (actually thinking you won’t know/care/mind). It’s 2015, folks. And the boys at On Your 6 Designs deserve a look-see.

  5. Dennis Shaw

    Love the holster. I have four now. Al of them are a perfect fit, comfortable to wear and great concealability. My newest one is for my HK VP9 and it is great. Very fast service time from order to delivery was also a plus.

  6. Thomas M Manzke

    I received my holster and it is excellent. I am very happy with my purchase

  7. Dallas Glover

    The holster fits perfect and works great. Exactly what I was looking for. Do you offer one for a charter arms bulldog pug .44 special? I would love one for that too.

  8. Michael

    I have been carrying concealed for well over twenty years and have tried many different holsters inside and outside the waistband, even a shoulder holster. My On Your 6 holster is the best by far. It is comfortable, concealable easy to draw. And ut stays in place. But the best part for me is how easy it is to re holster. I carry a H&K USP .40but once it’s holstered you virtually can’t see it. I want to thank you for the fantastic product at an affordable price and I look forward to using it for many years to come

  9. Michael Nail

    Great Love the holster just what i needed

  10. Al

    Got the kydex aiwb holster. Made to order. Great fit, no pinching or scratching against the leg and the HK USPC is a decent sized firearm. Easy draw and adjustable cant are perfect. Great customer service too.

  11. Larry

    Excellent product. Perfect fit for my Glock 43. The OWB holster holds the gun “high and tight” just as it should. Product shipped within the timeframe noted on the website. Highly recommended!

  12. Franck Louis-Marie

    Very well designed , solid , fits perfectly

  13. Ronny Beckett

    I bought this holster not knowing if it would fit my usp compact 45 but it fits very well I would recommend this holster to anyone with a HK usp model .

  14. Hector Q

    Slick design. If you are right handed and like to care on the small of you back, make sure you order a left handed holster. I ordered a right handed holster and it has an awkward reach. Should have ordered a left handed holster.

  15. Rich

    I was very happy with the positive solid hold on my P2000sk. Everything looked very clean and professional. Thanks for a quality cost effective holster.

  16. Kyle N

    After looking for a while for something lightweight and compact to meet my minimalist EDC style, OnYour6 made the perfect custom IWB holster for me.

    Carrying an HK USP Compact is still a little bulkier than a lot of other compact models, but this holster really assists with the appendix style carry I prefer while off duty.

    Thanks, OY6D!

  17. Edward C. Northway

    Ordered the AIWB holster for my H&K P200SK. I was very happy with the holster I received, but when I pointed out I had notified them I had installed the larger magazine release when I ordered it and explained that the holster, when squeezed around the trigger guard, engaged the mag release and could drop the mag inadvertantly. They quickly asked me to send pictures so they could make a new holster no questions asked. I received a replacement and OY6 corrected the design for my gun perfectly and included postage to return the first one they had sent me. Outstanding customer service. I couldn’t be happier with product. Very simple, yet thoughtfully designed. Can’t beat the price either. Highly recommended!

  18. David

    Fit & finish excellent. I wear 10+ hours a day at work, secure and comfortable. On the website it stated orders could take up to 3 weeks to ship due to them being a small family company and very busy. Sent a request with my order to receive ASAP because I needed it for work. The holster and mag pouch showed up in less than one week! A local Texas company, thank you very much for rushing my order ! I will recommend your product to all of my coworkers!

  19. Robert Moreno

    Awesome work… Had a sheath made here for my knife and it was just perfect. Talk about fast service had it done in 2 hrs. Thanks On My 6.

  20. shawnweatherspoon

    I just received my OWB holster for my H&K VP9 yesterday. I really like the fit of this holster. It doesnt print and also doesnt pull on my pants. It puts the weapon right next to my body, just how I like it. I would wear an undershirt if it was me so it does not touch your skin. I can slide this back and forth on my belt depending on if I am sitting or walking for comfort adjustment. I got 1.75 inch belt loops for my holster. The belt loops fit military style belts very well.

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