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Glock Custom Kydex Holster

(249 customer reviews)

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Glock Custom Kydex Holster


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Glock Concealed IWB Kydex Holsters Description

Every Glock IWB Holster is hand molded to fit each specific Glock model. All On Your 6 IWB holsters come with a sweat guard and an adjustable cant system built into it.
With a holster weight of just over 2 oz, our Glock holsters are slim and streamlined so there is no excess bulk!

With the adjustable cant you can use our Kydex IWB holsters to fit any position that’s comfortable for you, including appendix (if you prefer small of the back carry, make sure you order a holster for the opposite hand).

Our OWB Glock holsters are one of the slimmest on the market. We have also added the option to put a cant to it as well.
Each OWB Glock holster is molded to fit each specific model like a glove. With these OWB holsters you can still conceal carry your Glock without worry! All our OWB holsters sit High & Tight to the body to help with concealment.

Our Kydex IWB and OWB concealed carry holsters fit closely to your hip, making it easy to keep your firearm covered until you need it most.

On Your 6 Designs makes Custom Kydex Holsters For Glock Models:

48 TLR-6
43 with TLR-6
42 with TLR-6
17,22,31  (Gen 1-5)
19,23,32 (Gen 1-5)
19,23,32 (Gen 1-5) with TLR-6
26,27,33 With TLR-6
36 no rail
30 Gen4

Additional information

Weight 1 oz
Glock models

Glock 22 (Gen 5), Glock 22 Gen 5 W/TLR-6, Glock 23 (Gen 5), Glock 23 Gen 5 W/TLR-6, Glock 27 (Gen 5), Glock 27 Gen 5 W/TLR-6, 48 With Rail, 43X with Rail, 48 No Rail, 48 TLR-6, 43, 43X No Rail, 43 with TLR-6, 43X with TLR-6, 42, 42 with TLR-6, Glock 17 (Gen 5), Glock 17 Gen 5 W/TLR-6, Glock 19 (Gen 5), 19 (Gen 5) with TLR-6, Glock 26 (Gen 5), Glock 26 Gen 5 W/TLR-6, 17,22,31(Gen 1-4), 17,22,31 (Gen 1-4) W/TLR-6, 19,23,32(Gen 1-4), 19,23,32(Gen 1-4) with TLR-6, 26,27,33 (Gen 1-4), 26,27,33 (Gen 1-4) With TLR-6, 36 no rail, 30,29, 30 Gen4, 30S, 21,20, 30SF,29sf, G45


In the Waist Band, Out of the Waist Band


Right, Left

Belt Size

Includes all sizes


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Optic Cut


249 reviews for Glock Custom Kydex Holster

  1. SJ

    Excellent piece of gear along with 5 star customer service! Love it for EDC with my Glock 26. Thanks Nick!

  2. Brad H.

    Just got my IWB holster for my Glock 19 in the mail today. Fantastic fit, high quality construction, and the slim design makes it very easy to conceal. This is my first purchase from On Your 6 Designs, but it won’t be my last. I already have plans to purchase an IWB for my Glock 30SF, and a magazine holster for both. Highly recommended!

  3. Scott B

    I can’t get over how I just through it on and go about what I need to do. Great retention and did I mention its comfortable?

  4. Delone

    Got my glock 23 iwb few mths ago , really like it comfort
    Concealabity is excellent !!!!! Just ordered 2 more today !!!
    Keep up the great work !!!!

  5. tom ames

    great holster… even better customer service

  6. glock 21 iwb

    Great holster, ,makes it comfortable to use my G21 as EDC. Hides well under just about anything other than skin tight

  7. EmidioV, Chicago Il

    Got my IWB holster for my Glock 23 OD Green and was worried about scratching it but the holster is great!! I RECOMMENDED them to all my friends and family. Will be buying one for my 21 real soon.

  8. Tommy Pace

    I have had 2 IWB holsters from OY6. One for a ruger lc-9 and one for a glock 19. Both are fantastic holsters. Great design and super cheap! Will probably buy a OWB soon. Great company

  9. Phil Griffin

    I have been wearing a O.W.B. holster for my GLOCK 27 and a I.W.B. FOR a GLOCK 42 for a few weeks now and they rock! I have been working in law enforcement for over twenty five years and have used lots of different holsters, these are the best I have ever worn. The design and functionality of these holster are outstanding. I plan on ordering more very soon.

    Nick was great to work with and was very helpful when I had a small problem with my order. The company is an American manufacturing success story and I wish them continued success.

  10. Ron J.

    Rec’d my Glock 30S holster and matching Mag. holster yesterday. I have worn them for two days now and I am very pleased. Comfortable and concealed; that’s what it’s all about. Thanks guys and will be back!!

  11. Rusty Shackelford

    Simply AWESOME!!! Just got my G42 and G19 Holsters in today and I was super impressed and will recommend and continue to use On Your 6 Designs. Badass job guys!

  12. Butch Descourouez, IL

    I have been using the IWB for my Glock 27 for about 6 months. It is the most conformable holster I have tried, and hides it well. (good thing here in IL) The customer service is top notch and price is great. Will definitely be buying one for my Glock 23! Keep ups the good work!

  13. Terry Voigt

    I have had my iwb holster for 6 months. I am a carpenter, and can’t carry on the job, so I love that it is easy on, easy off!

  14. R. De La Cruz

    I have purchased two IWB Holsters for my Glock Pistols. These holsters are the best on the market. But I must say with the market flooded with kydex holsters, On Your 6 designs is on the top of the list due to their customer service. I had questions about their holsters and the questions were answered immediately. It’s very impressive to see a company invest time and effort in their customers. I will continue to purchase my holsters from On Your 6.

  15. cassidy

    I have had a IWB Glock 26 holster. It is comfortable, retention is great. The quality is great with a price to match.

  16. Travis

    Top notch! I love this holster. Super slim lines, comfortable, ride depth is spot-on. My G19, in this holster, was as thin as my xds in its current hybrid holster. Just ordered one for my xds, to make it even thinner. The only way to get more minimal is to use a versa-clip. That works for quick errands, but lacks a little in the comfort department. This holster is comfortable, and conceals very well. Thank you. I will definitely be spreading the word about your company. Keep it up.

  17. Joe T

    I ordered one for my Sig P938 and the fit, retention, and the thin solid design works perfectly. I ordered one for my Glock 30 SF which I kind of knew when I ordered the gun might be a problem with the fit of some of the holsters, I had to send the first one back and the second one came at no cost to me. Initially it was a little tight but that worked out with time. I love this holster and use it daily. I highly recommend these holsters to anyone. Their customer service is also top notch, thanks Nick.

  18. Stephen

    I bought the iwb holster for my Glock 19 & 23, been wearing it for about two week now I ride a motorcycle 90% of my time. I do not even know i’m wearing it 95% of the time. My next order will be for two iwb mag. holders.

  19. James

    You guys have made a great holster they are comfortable and my gun slides in and out only when I want it to.I love these holster’s so much I have one for my Glock 26 along with a mag carrier my Sig P939, S&W Shield also with a mag carrier and My Glock 30sf keep up the good work and My guns will always rest in one of your hoster’s.

  20. Mark

    I’ve been a leather holster guy for years. Been thinking of kydex for a while and in doing my research all the reviews lead me here where I bought 2 one for my 22 and one for my 27 and the quality and value matched with the comfort I couldn’t be more happy.

  21. Kerry

    2nd holster purchased. Great quality and exactly as it is described.

  22. Robert

    Quality construction, slim design. Excellent product.

  23. Aaron

    Glock 19 OWB holster. Carbon Fiber black. Outstanding holster as always. This is my second holster from you. Great quality. Perfect for my needs.

  24. Abdiel

    Love the holster, sturdy, nice looking, good price, fast service.

  25. chris

    This has become the only holster I use to carry my G19. I have several leather and another kydex but never use them anymore. I can quickly put on or remove this and it is always secure with the clip. I would buy one again with out hesitation.

  26. Alejandro

    Great, comfortable holsters (iwb).i got one for my G17, G26, and S&W Shield. no issues.

  27. Larry J Smith

    I am very happy with this holster. It is comfortable, fits the Glock 27 very well and has very good retention! It is well constructed. The only thing I might change would be to allow more cant.

  28. Brian

    Well made holster. The appendix carry option makes it very comfortable for my G19.

  29. Preston Bardol

    Ordered the IWB holster for my Glock 21. It has surpassed my expectations of quality and function. Getting ready to order another for my 380 Bodyguard and some mag holsters for both. Great experience doing business with On Your Six Designs. Thanks

  30. Alexis Melendez

    Comfortable, wore it all day I sometimes forgot I had it on. The firearm comes out quickly from the holster. I carry the G26, and G23. Great customer service. I will definitely be purchasing other holsters.

  31. brennan

    Got the armor black carbon fiber iwb for my glock 23, and love it. Being my first kydex holster I didn’t want to spend a lot. For the price, hard to beat

  32. Kenneth Prentice

    I bought this holster to replace a Galco King Tuk. Nice kydex, custom fit for my glock 19. Great Job, guys!

  33. Eric Malone

    I have tried many other brands of holsters in the past from very cheep to the most expensive. When I received my OY6 for my Glock 43 I learned that good quality and design can be found for just $30. Highly recommended OY6 especially if Made in America and Lifetime warranty means anything to you!

  34. Joe Johnson

    I have purchased eight of these holsters and have been very satisfied with each purchase. They are well made, comfortable, and priced right. I will be ordering more in the future.

  35. Chris

    i got the iwb for glock 36 about year or so ago, great holster very pleased with it so much that just order one for my new M&P 45.

  36. Walter Helmuth

    Excellent quality holster for a very good price. Holster has a perfect fit to the gun,is light with no bulk, and easy to put on/remove/adjust. Turn around time on my order was awesome…. under 2 weeks! Just got my second holster for a different gun and like it as much as the first one!

  37. Keith

    I bought this holster for my Glock 20SF. Great holster! I love their holster and buy one for every gun. I think these are the best conceal carry holsters available. Once I get my 43 I’ll buy one for it.

  38. Jon Beltram

    Love my new inside the waistband Glock 30 holster! Very concealable and comfortable!

  39. JW

    The combination of the Glock 43 and the IWB holster of onyour6 is the best carry combination you can find. EOS.

  40. Roger Riddick

    Light weight, fits great and comfortable!

  41. Brian

    I’ve had my IWB holster for my new Glock 43 now for a couple of weeks. Very comfortable. Good retention. Very happy so far.

  42. Paul Schifflin

    I love my new ITW holster for my Glock 27. I’ve bought 4 other holsters that just did not do the trick. My On Your 6 Designs holster is perfect. The fit, retention and comfort are just what I need to carry concealed for long periods of time.

    Also, easy ordering and quick turnaround, you can’t ask for more than that; oh yeah, very competitively priced!

    Thanks for making a great product!


  43. ABeck88

    I ordered the IWB holster with appendix cut for my Glock 43 and was blown away by the quality. I have numerous other kydex holsters from other manufacturers and this holster stacks up with the best. I will definitely purchase from OnYour6Designs again.

  44. Matthew

    Great product fits snugg and comfortable. My last holster was bulky and uncomfortable when sitting down. This holster not only conceals good but feels great on your hip.

  45. Tommy Pace

    Glock 43 iwb holster is fantastic! Built like a tank and cheapest around. Thanks guys

  46. Andre

    Got the iwb holster for glock 43 about three weeks ago. Seems well made, different from what I’m used to, my first kydex holster. I like it and am considering owb for other pistols

  47. William

    great Holster’s IWB Glock 19 and the appendix IWB Glock 26 both are great

  48. Cedric Marston

    Excellent holster. And even better customer service. The hook on the original belt clip provided with my IWB holster did not fit my belt. OnYour6 was quick to create a new belt clip and it fits perfectly. When I need more holsters, this is the place I’m buying them from.

  49. Anthony

    Awesome holster! I continue to buy OY6D holsters because they are such a great value for the money. Nice quality kydex, amazing belt clip, perfect retention, what else can you ask for?! Keep up the fantastic work!

  50. jack rulevitch

    I bought a iwb and otw for my new glock 43. Both are best quality best price. They fit very well! I was surprised how hidden even the otw holster was! Thanks.. I’m a customer…

  51. Parker

    Loving the holster! Fits my glock 26 Gen 3 like a glove. Been caryin it for a couple weeks and it is very comfortable, slim,and functional. Highly recommend this for anyone wanting a good holster from a legit small business who takes pride in their work!

  52. Charlie

    Purchased a IWB appendix cut holster for my Glock 23. Fit and finish was very impressive for the price, which in my opinion is very fair for the quality of the product they put together. Holster is very comfortable for the appendix carry position but also works very well for the more traditional 4-5 o’clock position. The various color options that they offer is a nice touch to make your holster a bit more personalized. Overall I was very happy with my purchase and would recommend to anyone looking for a quality holster at a reasonable price.

  53. Tom

    Ordered on Friday, received on Monday. The thin nature of this holster is perfect for the fat G30 profile. Exactly what’s needed to instill confidence with ones conceal carry. The retention is a little stiff right now. There are several things I can try to mitigate that, the first will be to try a slight cant. Very pleased with the product and have already recommended to friends.

  54. Jared

    RH IWB Glock 26 Gen 3 with appendix.
    Solid Construction, Retention is amazing just from the trigger guard. Surprisingly comfortable for kydex. Nothing there to dig into you and can be adjusted about anyway you want with the cant. It is nice how the nuts for the cant are recessed so there will be no scratching, and also it is now how there is extra room above the sights to fit in any modified sights.
    Personally I feel like all of them should be shaven down at the end by the rivet, so everyone has a comfortable appendix option and it kid of looks better. Overall love this. Thank you

  55. Gregg C.

    Fast service
    Lowest price around
    Thick Kydex
    Perfect fit

    Need I say more? My G30S holster and double mag pouch are the best kydex gear I own, and I own a ton of it from different makers. Don’t pay ridiculous prices for gear from that big company, this is great kit and AFFORDABLE!

  56. Jesse

    IWB for my Glock 19 fits perfectly and is very well made. I will recommend to my friends. Thank You for a great product!

  57. Stacy

    I gave this review somewhere before but I’ll be glad to do it again. This holster is the closest thing to just shoving you gun into your waistband. Fits like a tailor-made suit. I love this holster.

  58. Joshua B.

    I received the holster for my Glock 26 IWB with the appendix cut about two weeks ago. I really can’t say enough good about it. Not only is it 1/3 the cost of other holsters that I was looking at, but I literally received it one week after I ordered it. That is compared to the 6-10 week wait that I would have had to wait with those other holsters. As far as comfort, It is not as comfortable as my N82 original, but it solves all the things that I didn’t like about that holster. I can get a full grip on the gun, no problem. Re-holstering is not problem. I’ve worn the holster at 12, 3 and 4:30. While I’d like to carry appendix, 3 o’clock works best for me, but it really works fine in all locations, especially with the ability to adjust the cant. I will be buying more holsters from you all in the future!

  59. Garret

    I am extremely impressed with the quality and care that went into my “On Your 6 Designs” holster for my Glock G19. The fit is perfect and the retention is about medium which is perfect for me.

    No doubt this holster will retain your weapon when you are sprinting or having to hit the dirt. This holster reminds me of the more expensive “Rav*n” brand but at 1/3 the price.

    The customer service is fast, friendly and reliable.

    Will definitely do business again.

  60. April

    This is a well priced, lightweight, sturdy holster. Delivered within a week of purchase. I purchased mine in hot pink to use with my Glock 43 . Good retention, and trigger protection. I’ve worn it several times, and it’s pretty comfortable. I don’t have the issues with corners/edges poking and leaving marks like I do with some holsters since I appendix carry. You really must have a belt with it, but when you do it doesn’t move. Plan to get one for my husband (not hot pink.)

  61. Jim H

    Purchased holster about 2 weeks ago for a Glock 26. The fit and finish for appendix carry is perfect. The holster stays in place. You will need to wear either a t-shirt or undershirt with the holster or it will become uncomfortable after a couple of hours. I wear a moisture wicking t-shirt tucked in with a t-shirt over and it works well and no printing.

  62. James

    Rec’d my Glock 30S holster . I have worn them for two days now and I am very pleased. Comfortable and concealed
    Great service.Will buy another when we need a new holster

  63. Corrie B

    Just got my onyour6 holster for my Glock 26 and its a great holster, perfect fit and reasonably priced with fast shipment. I will definitely be purchasing more.

  64. Richard

    Fits Glock 43 IWB great. Solid retention, gun will not fall out of holster if running. I adjusted mine to a 15 cant.

  65. Bo

    First off, If your on the fence about this holster. Get it! I have had this holster for months now and i must say i enjoy it. Drawing the pistol from this holster almost feels as if i am a swordsmen drawing his sword. It adds nothing to the weight of the firearm , and i do forget it is even there. It does not add to printing at all.
    Glock 26 gen 4 iwb
    Fast shipping
    Fit is great!
    Light weight!!!!!!!
    I am kinda glad y’all advertised on Youtube.
    Thank you OY6D!

  66. Steve

    Great people to deal with and I liked the first holster I ordered so much I ordered a second one in pink for my wife.

  67. Brian N.

    I received my IWB holster about one week after ordering it for a Glock 26. Customer service was great and I am very pleased with my purchase. I have since ordered another holster and I am pleased with it as well.

  68. wm powell


    after trying i don’t know how many IWB holsters, I have settled on this On Your 6 IWB holster. I’m giving it a 5 star rating based on 3 things. 1) The holster. It is all kydex, it covers the entire trigger area, it has a back area making re-holstering safe, and it is a good one clip design. So many 1 clips just don’t do the job like a 2 clip holster such as alien gear (which is my favorite 2 clip IWB holster). Now that i have it like i want, it is comfortable, draws well, and most of all, it fits on my belt well and being one clip i can take it on and off so much easier than a 2 clip design. 2) the service. I had many emails back and forth (thanks Jim) about parts of the holster i needed to improve. They were very responsive, paid for shipping for me to get the retention lessened, and even sent me a new clip (i wanted one with a longer lip). All at no cost. Who does that? 3). the cost. wow is the inexpensive.

  69. TDB

    Use this to carry my Glock 19 off duty. I ordered the holster and a mag pouch to go with it. The quality is great. The retention is great. The attention to detail is spot on. The holster holds the gun snugly in place but is easily accessible if you need it. Additionally, the holster is very comfortable and concealable. I am extremely pleased with this holster and the price is icing on the cake. I have recommended this holster to friends and coworkers. I plan to buy more gear from these guys. Thanks for a great holster. Keep up the good work.

  70. Mathew

    Great customer service. Timley delivery. Great holster.

  71. Jerry K.

    Great holster. Only problem My waist line is telling me that there is no way I can wear an IWB, So the company is allowing me to return them for OWB. Great customer service.

  72. Peter

    I have tried Allen the Aliengear, Rawdogtactical, and now you guys. I am very impressed. I would eliminate the option for appendix and just include it with everyone. I checked the box off so it would be nice and rounded. Those other companies make a very nice products, however the all Kydex with a strong clip is the wave of the future. I also use a 1-3/4″ clip on a 1-1/2″ belt, this enables me to have enough cant without it riding off the belt. I just might have to get another flashy one with a bright color to show off. Thanks again

  73. Michael Nail

    Great Love the holster just what i needed

  74. Ethan

    Great Holster,
    Always bought Galco holsters, but when i purchased my 43 i found out the galco holster didnt fit properly. So i turned to On Your 6 Designs, and i havent looked back. The holster fits great, looks great, feels great, and best of all its made in the USA.

  75. Jay

    This is the second holster I have purchased from On your 6 for my Glock 23. Great product and great price! The quality of the holster is awesome!

  76. perry gage

    I have had my iwb holster for about a month now love the fit and very comfortable easy to draw my G19 will be buying more from oy6

  77. Gary

    Exactly what i ordered. Fit, finish is perfect and haven’t found a better price anywhere! Have a question? Send an email, they answered mine even on the weekend.

  78. Chris P

    Ordered an AIWB for my Glock 30 and received it 9 days later. Great turn around time. The holster is smooth and very comfortable. Received it, holstered my pistol, and started to wear it from then on. Great company and will be ordering from them again. Thanks

  79. Rusty

    Excellent holster. Excellent price. Mine is an IWB for the G26. I used it for an IDPA classification event and it worked perfect. Excellent retention. I like that you can adjust the cant and it stays. The G26 and holster is a little wide to stick in your pants comfortably, so my next holster will be an OWB.

  80. Gollen

    When I order my holsters for my glock 19 and 17, I got it in the mail just over 1 week which is really good. The holsters are top in quality for a good price. I recommend this to everyone who are looking for quality and affordable holster.

  81. mwallace61

    Nice holster. Have an Alien Gear. Much prefer this one. Bought one for my car also. Just so happens it fits between the seat and console.

  82. Chuck cassimore

    I’ve had the glock 19 iwb black carbon holster for Five months now. The carbon finish looks good. Very comfortable in the 1 o’clock and 4 o’clock positions. The cant feature works perfectly in the 4 o’clock position to get a good solid grip.

    The price can’t be beat. I’ve seen bulkier, uglier holster sell for almost twice as much. This is a vary nice piece. You won’t be disappointed. I will buy another for my px4 Storm.

    Vary fast shipping! I ordered the holster and it shipped accross the country in a couple days.

  83. perry

    I have had my iwb holster for my G19 now for 2 months and I love it concels very well also have the owb mag holder love it as well will order a owb holster as well
    Thank you oy6

  84. Jason

    Great holster..I prefer belt loops and was skeptical of the belt clip but it’s held up fine. Very comfortable to wear (with the right belt of course) and retention is spot on.

  85. Mike Lindler

    Best concealed I have found, ordering my second.

  86. Greg Fenton

    Excellent product at a great price. Sturdy and a nice fit on my glock 29. Also conceals well.

  87. NoName

    Purchased a coyote tan IWB holster for my Glock 19. Perfect holster for the perfect gun. I am in the executive protection world, and after two weeks or using this holster I can tell you that I will never use another IWB brand ever again. On your 6 is worth every penny (and still the most affordable I have found). High quality product, I will be a customer again.

  88. R Nantz

    Really fast shipping and well made product. I like the thin profile and solid retention. Excellent holster and a great price.

  89. Bonz

    I use to carry a Ruger LCP in my pocket because I couldn’t find a holster I liked for my Glock. I bought a IWB and now my 19 goes everywhere I do. I got one for my wife’s LCP and another for a Kel-Tec I own. Every one I have bought fits like a glove. I buy the belt clip one size lager so it slips over the belt instead of having to thread it through the clip and it NEVER slips off when drawing. You cannot go wrong with these holsters. I’m buying a mag holder next.

  90. Aaron

    Order with confidence. Ordered a IWB for my Gen 4 Glock 21, fits perfectly. The holster is great, I carry all day with comfort and never worry about the gun printing. Great holster.

  91. rich hemmer

    ordered a outside the waist band for a Glock 17 I am very impressed with the fit and finish of this holster I am also a tall guy with a slight plus build and have no problem concealing with a light T shirt would recommend O Y 6 to any one looking for a very well made holster at a very good price

  92. Randy Kirkwood

    Awesome service and company…..they have my second being delivered in a few days……definitely would recommend them to anyone!

  93. Raymundo

    Galveston, TX
    I am very happy with this OWB holster. It is comfortable, fits my Taurus PT111 G2 very well. It is well constructed and has excellent retention. The only drawback (to me not the company) that I see is that too many people already know about this product and their Lifetime Warranty and excellent customer service. I had to wait 3 weeks for my holster. Jim explained that they got swamped with Holiday orders and apologized for the delay. Getting ready to order another for my Glock 27.

  94. patdaily

    Of all the IWB’s I have tried and used OnYour6 is in my opinion the “Glock” of kydex holsters. No crazy bells and whistles that you don’t need Only flawless function and performance to do what I need it to do the same way each and every time. Quality craftsmanship and quality.

  95. Landon

    Excellent holster at an excellent price point. Immediately observed when unboxing are the incredibly high quality materials and workmanship that went into your new Texan-handmade holster. I ordered the IWB non-appendix carry for the Glock 19 in Armor Black Carbon Fiber and I couldn’t be happier. The belt clip cant adjustment works as described and the carbon fiber finish makes it look attractive and modern; the thing looks so good and mates with my Glock so well it’s almost a shame it’s to be concealed. Plenty of room for my relatively high Trijicon HD night sights; the firearm feels immediately secure when re-holstered and the retention on the draw is absolutely perfect. A lot of effort and attention to detail went into this product and that is evident every time I interact with it. Don’t hesitate because of the low price; get this and be done shopping for holsters for good.
    Thanks On Your 6 Designs!

  96. Stephen Jones

    Great holster!!! I have carried it for about 2 weeks and love it. Rides high and tight just like a good holster should. Great retention for the firearm aswell.

  97. Roby Wray

    I bought a left and right hand in the waistband holster for my Glock 43. The holsters arrived quickly considering the holidays and all. They both hold my Glock tight but are easy to draw from. I feel that they are excellent holsters and I’ll be buying more for my other CCW weapons.

  98. Eric Shaver

    Love this IWB holster. It’s a perfect fit my Glock 19/23.

  99. Aaron

    Outstanding holster. Fits perfectly holding it secure but comes out smooth when drawn. It is comfortable inside the waistband. Material is smooth and does not rub. Clip is good, stays snug on your belt, and stays put when drawing out. Love the wide area you can adust the cant.

  100. Bryan

    Excellent fit and finish. The holster is exactly what I was looking for. I plan to purchase another holster in the near future.

  101. Richard Henry

    I just received your double mag holster for my glock 36. Very happy with it. I ordered a IWB holster for my XDS and look forward to it’s arrival. You offer a great product at a great price. Thank You.

  102. Andy moser

    Love it best I’ve had like the function of being able to adjust angle sits high very comfortable I highly recommend this holster

  103. Lance Bailey

    I ordered a Glock 19 holster and couldn’t be more pleased. It was my first experience with ON YOUR 6 DESIGNS and the holster is everything the videos described. It rides close to the body and retention is firm, but smooth. I work as a Federal agent with daily carry and I’ve been telling all my colleagues about ON YOUR 6 DESIGNS.

  104. Andrew


  105. Andrew


  106. Phillip Ternullo

    On Your 6 Designs is the company you want if you want custom quality at a responsible price ! What can I say other than this Kydex IWB holster is absolutely perfect ! As well I had a 9mm single stack custom mag holder made by On Your 6 Designs recently. And it’s perfect as well. I’m sure I’ll be enjoying these products for years to come .
    I am 100 % percent satisfied with both of these items . I would also mention that there are so many colour choices . I am not a employee or affiliated in anyway .
    On Your 6 Designs I say thank you ! And I’m sure I’ll be back !

  107. Deputy Dog (Lou. Ky.)

    I’m a retired sheriff deputy and for years I’ve bought just about every holster out there for off duty carry and could just

    not find a holster that I was satisfied with.

    And recently I stumbled across “On Your 6 Designs” and decided that I would try just one more holster.

    So I bought one for my GLOCK 42 w/ a STREAMLIGHT attachment and much to my surprise I love it.

    Carry it in the small of my back and you hardly know your packing


  108. John clark

    I carry a glock 42 with a streamlight tlr6 in this holster. Carried in the appendix position is very comfortable as well behind the hip. I highly recommend this it to anyone that’s looking for an affordable yet high quality kydex holster.

  109. Larry

    Best holsters ever.

  110. Larry

    Great Product

  111. Baxley

    Holster fit the sidearm perfectly. Really like minimalist approach. No more material than necessary to fit the side arm and secure it.
    I did not like the belt loop provided (personal preference/quirk of mine) and when the company contacted me for a review I let them know it.
    The sent me an alternative immediately. No questions, no quarrels.
    GREAT customer service. Quality materials. Extremely satisfied.
    Highly recommend this company.

  112. James Wilson

    I really like it. I am still waiting on my permit but I wear it around the house to try and get used to wearing it and its pretty comfortable. I find that an undershirt between my skin and the holster is the most comfortable. I have taken it hiking and just keep it unconcealed and it works great. Retention is also good. Its just a nice little piece. Thanks again!

  113. LEShaver

    If your looking for the best Kydex holster, stop looking. Onyour6designs has what you need!
    I received my 2nd order last week and I am proud to say that now all of my Glocks have the
    best fitting holsters that I have purchased. IWB for Glock 26/19/23. OWB for Glock 19/23/22.
    I wear different types of clothing, from shorts and tee shirts to suits and ties. The OWB
    holsters are my new favs, they fit so close to your body. Now what ever I wear I am confident
    that my weapon is secure and concealed. Thank you onyour6designs!!!

  114. Chester Yaskulski

    Great job !
    Fits great , looks like there will be enough room to add raised sights in case of red dot fail !

  115. Kirk W. Albaugh

    The holster is of fine quality, and fits the Glock Model 22 like a glove! The fit of the holster to the Mod 22 frame is precise and comfortable. A versatile model this is, and can be worn inside the belt, or outside, dependent on the side of the torso it’s worn on. Great Holster!

  116. Jason Helper

    Perfect fit and feel, awesome job guys

  117. James Holt

    The holster for my Glock Model 22 arrived on time as promised and I am loving it. This is an outside-the-pants holster designed to work with a 1.5 inch belt and it does so perfectly. Drawing and rehosltering the weapon is a breeze while seating and securing the weapon could not be better. Honestly, I was a bit skeptical when purchasing the holster due to what I believe is a very reasonable price as I was unsure how great the quality level would be at the price point. Wow! Great job guys as I am very pleased and totally confident in this holster.

  118. Joel Willis

    Excellent workmanship. Well worth the wait!

  119. Chris Mitchell

    It’s a great holster at a great price. The fit and finish was awesome. I will be ordering again from on your 6 designs.

  120. Vickie Mathieu

    Holds the pistol snugly so no slipping. Lightweight and low profile design make it comfortable while wearing. Love it

  121. John brown

    It works perfectly, simple effective and inexpensive.

  122. gene

    I like the holster. It is comfortable in either appendix or the 4 o’clock position and conceals well. I did have a problem with the engagement with my 1.5″ belt as the “hook” at the end of the clip didn’t contact the holster body and a draw could include the holster.

    I didn’t use a blow dryer but did apply heat to bend the clip and that seems to have worked.

  123. A.J. Durso

    My G43 holster was shipped in a timely fashion and fits well. I shifted the cant to about 15 degrees quickly and easily. I have been carrying this holster almost daily for several weeks and find it comfortable.

  124. Jerrell

    Great AIWB holster, have had it a couple of weeks and is my go to holster now, great retention, low profile, very comfortable, have already ordered one for my HK P30sk
    Quick turn around compared to other custom kydex holsters, can’t say enough good things about this product, highly recommended

  125. Bruce Stephens

    I have three On Your Six IWB holsters and love them. The thinner material really allows a good snap-in place feel when holstering my handgun. There is no doubt that the gun is fully seated yet drawing the gun is always consistent. I can easily draw and reholster my weapon while seated…that’s amazing for an IWB holster. I’ve tried other Kydex holsters and leather and no comparison.

  126. Anthony

    Great product! Very comfortable and made of quality kydex precision cut to fit my glock 19 like a glove! No issues whatsoever. Also have a mag pouch for it. Will continue to buy from this company! Keep up the great work!

  127. Anthony Pieroni

    Great holster … Fits great and comfortable. Would recommend it to everyone.

  128. Barry Mountcastle

    Great design, Black Carbon Fiber is beautiful, well made and works great.

  129. Darrell Johnson

    I love my holster you guys made. It is perfect!!! This is my first holster but it definitely will not be my last you guys have customer for life!!!!

  130. Adam lyons

    Great holster. I couldn’t be happier with it. It’s small and vet compact. It also hold thr gun tight against me for better concealment. I will be ordering else from you very soon.

  131. Michael

    I love this holster! Seems to be very well made. My pistol fits snug and draws real well. Easily finds its way back in nicely. Comfortable to wear all day long.

  132. Jason Aikey

    Great product for the money!

  133. Anthony Pieroni

    Fits great … Lite weight.. Comfortable .. Would recommend it

  134. Garza

    Amazing product….

  135. Emily Poe

    This is the best holster I’ve ever used! Absolutely perfect color and awesome craftsmanship. I have already referred several coworkers to On Your 6. This makes carrying so easy and so concealable. I will be ordering here again for all of my future holster needs.

  136. John

    Holster arrived on time and as expected. Great quality and fit. Would highly recommend and definitely order again.

  137. Vinnie C

    Bought the OWB mag holster and the IWB Glock 19 holster and i absolutely LOVE it. Great retension on both my gun and magazine. They both make that subtle “click” you want to hear in a good quality kydex product. But the best part of all was the price. I shopped around for alot before i make an investment. Onyour6designs hands down where the cheapest. If i could give it a 6 star rating i would. If you are in the market for a good kydex product that won’t break your piggy bank, look no further

  138. Trytton jarvis

    Best holster I have ever had

  139. Gary

    I am very pleased with the holser for my 19. It is comfortable in any position and easy to conceal.

  140. James

    Haven’t had the opportunity to try on multiple holsters but knew I wanted a kydex iwb holster so I shopped around. Everywhere else has a 6-12 week lead time and I received my holster from on your 6 in less than 2 weeks! Fit and finish are excellent and it fits well on my body. Easily conceals under a light t shirt and doesn’t feel overly bulky. Still have to get used to it putting pressure into my stomach when seated since I’m carrying appendix style, but I didn’t expect any different. Overall very pleased with this product and will definitely use them for future purchases!

  141. Will

    Great holster and mag pouch! I bought an OWB holster for a G43 and mag pouch. I contacted you guys and asked if you could add a sweat guard to the holster for my needs at work. I carry it everday. Thank you guys for customizing it to my needs.


  142. Mikhail

    I am 6’2″ and 215 lbs. I use this holster in its apex design and with a Glock 27 and mag extender. With that said, this holster is actually more comfortable than I expected. There are no rough edges and the overall quality is strong. The belt clip is also designed to hold strong but come off easy when squeezing the belt. It’s a great buy.

  143. Chad Walker

    Looks great. Great design. My glock 26 fits perfectly. Retention is great. Worry free, hassle free holster. Great job guys!

  144. Gabe Pratt

    Holster works great, good and light and fits my glock 42 perfectly! Feels good in the waistband. Only issue I had is I did not order with a big enough clip to work on my belt, major pain to get it over my belt so I will have to order the 2″ belt clip. Overall great quality product.

  145. Mark Brothers

    OWB for my Glock 30. Exactly what I was looking for. Comfortable, good retention, comfortable, conceals well, comfortable, holds tight against your body and did I mention, comfortable!

  146. Donald

    Great holster, very simple, comfortable and light. My new favorite edc holster.

  147. Don

    My new go to holster for edc, can’t beat the comfort and adjustability.

  148. john c

    great holster,very simple fits great

  149. Ricky L. Lamona

    Love them …..

  150. Joe Rogers

    Love it! I have tried MANY holsters and have not been very happy with any of them. My best choice to date has been the “versaclip” style clip instead of a holster because it gives me the least amount of trouble fitting into my waistband. I don’t care for that option for safety reasons. I would rather have a holster that covers the trigger.

    Well – the OnYour6 holster does the trick! I have been very happy with this holster. Fits into my waistband nicely without making my pants too tight. Easy to draw and re-holster. I like that the gun “clicks” into the holster so I know it’s engaged. Works very well & I find that I carry more because of that! Thanks!

  151. michael

    fits my glock 21 like a glove comfortable for all day carry only detraction is if you have a thinner belt it sometimes rides up into the clip and the j hook doesn’t catch the belt am going to call and see if a different size clip might work but i still plan on buying another for wifey down the road

  152. Larry

    I ordered my holster in coyote brown, carbon fiber IWB/AIWB for a Glock 43. This product is awesome as are the people who made it. I am very pleased with the quality of the product and experience of dealing with such a reliable and professional team. This is the way America use to do business. I can not believe that there would be any negative reviews. One hundred percent warranty, how could you go wrong? I would definitely buy from them again.

  153. Phil W

    The holster is lightweight but provides a solid foundation for confident concealed carry. The trigger guard provides that satisfying click and snap in place when the gun is seated. The optional appendix carry option is comfortable and the belt grip is sure.

  154. Roland Deschain

    Love it. Simplistic, comfortable, and seems durable. It works for me and the price is impressive. I’ll definitely order again in the future.

  155. R.Phillips

    Love it!!!! Will be ordering holsters for all my CC Pistols.

  156. Harold Masse

    awesome off duty holster. It conceals with little to no bulge. I love the satisfaction and piece of mind hearing the click as it locks the weapon in place. Great job. Highly recommended.

  157. Jeff

    The only thing wrong with this holster is that now I want one for every pistol I have. These holster are awesome!

  158. Nathan

    I ordered this holster in coyote tan carbon fiber for my glock 43 and it’s perfect. The color is unique but more importantly the holster’s craftsmanship is 2nd to none, ecspecially at the price point. Perfect retention and fit, the clip fits around my belt like a glove and holds tight. Thanks again for my holster! Will be ordering one for my glock 19 soon!

  159. Shawn Leightley

    Love my holster for my g43 got it pretty quick .Love the lock up on it and I wear it all the time more the any other gun and holster .I will be ordering one for me glock 23 soon. Thanks alot love your products

  160. George Delpidio

    Awesome fit. Fits like a glove. Very comfortable wearing it. Well done. Well done

  161. A.Harris

    Glock has always been one my fav weapons!!!!!!!!!! I liked the FNS holster , I got one for my glock.
    It fits like a glove, it’s worth every single penny $$.

  162. Robert

    Good holster. Works well with my Glock inside my waist. Comfortable and seems well made. Thanks, I will be ordering another one soon.

  163. Stephen Corbin

    Amazing holster. Fit and finish are perfect. I would highly recommend to anyone looking for a quality, affordable iwb holster

  164. Scott Walton

    I recently ordered an owb holster for my Glock 43. Liked it so much, I ordered a mag holder the same day I received my holster. The quality is exceptional, it rides nice and tight, retention is just right and it is very comfortable. Couple all that with first rate customer service, and you can’t lose. Give them a try, you wI’ll be glad you did.

  165. Mike Gallichio

    I enjoy the On your six IWB holster very much. Nice fit ,light weight,comfortable.

    Thank you
    Mike Gallichio

  166. cody taylor

    I have tried MANY different holsters and methods of carry and like most have a box full of “well that was ok but not just right holsters. This holster is different, It is by far the most comfortable IWB holster i have tried to date. I had recently just purchased an IWB holster for same handgun for 2x’s the cost of this one and now i don’t use it at all. In fact i thought so much of this holster i took it to my LGS and showed it to them and recommended they begin to carry them. My only request would be to thicken?/ strengthen the straight piece of kidex that rides highest up on your side or on the holster. What can i say:
    Easy on easy off
    I can carry my G17 with a long sleeved shirt on and most people don’t even notice it is there until i point it out.
    Great retention
    Comfortable while in a car driving
    Good job guys you have a quality product that gun owners deserve to know about and if smart will buy.

  167. John Warren

    I am so very pleased with my holster . Perfect fit for my G17 and extremely comfortable to wear. Thank you On your Six ! Will be looking at more holsters for my other weapons.
    Thanks, John

  168. Landon Pitchford

    Excellent product and timely service!

  169. Mike

    Awesome holster, excellent price. Very comfortable for appendix carry

  170. Tom Lawson

    Best holster I’veI’ve owned. Fantastic! Would recommended to anyone looking for iwb carry.

  171. Jim marini

    Great product, perfect fit, well made, just as advertised. Could not be more pleased with the quality and service

  172. Mike

    Good quality and very comfortable. Easily concealable with jeans and a t-shirt. I’m happy with my purchase and would recommend it to others.

  173. Nick

    I called in and ended up talking with Jim because I have a tactical light on my Glock. I have an X300. Jim said he didn’t have one so he couldn’t make the holster. I asked if I could send him my light and he said sure. Most place won’t do that for you. I called again after placing my order and before sending my light. Jim took the time to get my order number and said he’d pull my order as soon as the light got to him and make the holster that day or the next. Again something most places won’t do for you. I was charged a small additional fee for adding the light to the mold but nothing extra for returning my light to me. It turned out to be a great holster but more importantly I received outstanding customer service.

    Thanks Jim

  174. Shawn

    Great product. I will buy more

  175. M.Stanley

    Best inside the trowsers holster ever, lightweight, very comfortable, thanks for a great product

  176. Tony

    Was just as shown on the demonstration. Very light and comfortable. Works for me.

  177. J.A. Avena

    This is the most comfortable holster I have purchased to date.( I have 4 in my drawer). It fits well and can’t be seen under a shirt. I’m very impressed with the workmanship. The price was good.

  178. Robert Achterberg

    Very pleased…well made and lightweight…comfortable to wear…recommending your site to all my gun enthusiast friends…

  179. Steve B.

    The holster is just as advertised, light weight, strong material and fits comfortably as a concealed holster. Thanks.

  180. Joseph Waters

    Great holster, and a great price. Using it for my EDC a Glock 19. Have recommended the site to several friends.



  182. Sam

    Fits perfect, can’t even feel it when you wear it. Love it

  183. James Cosgrave

    Ordered for G19. Super fast delivery time ad great customer service. It’s a good quality holster that has medium printing for the larger pistols. Holds its form and has great retention when rolling around on the ground. The flexibility of being able to change the cant of the holster is a nice touch. The only drawback as with almost all index holsters is they tend to cause you to sweat when wearing for prolonged periods. I wear mine 16 to 18 hrs a day. This can be fixed by attaching a famine panty liner on the back. You can’t go wrong with this holster. I have over 30 holsters made by different companies for my various handguns I carry depending on the environment I’m in. Order one or more you’ll be glad you did.

  184. Steve Sharron

    Great customer service. Received holster within 3 days. Holster fits well and draw is smooth.

  185. Anthony Porras

    Got this holster on a recommendation from my brother in law. Greatest holster I’ve ever owned. Holds my glock perfectly secure and is by far the most comfortable holster I have ever owned. Will definitely be buying more for my other carry glocks.

  186. alicia

    Great conceal and carry holster! Made with great quality products! I bought this for my husband and he loves it. Makes carrying easy. I would highly recommend this product to anyone looking for great quality at a great price!

  187. James Korol

    The appendix carry for my Glock 19 is extremely comfortable. It goes on with my belt at the start of my day an stays there till the end of my day. Easy draw an reholstering. I was introduced to the company by Elvis ammo on You Tube. Best piece of information I’ve gotten from the web.

  188. James Korol

    Very comfortable an easy to use I recommend it an the company. My second favorite holster the first being the appendix carry.

  189. Luis

    Great quality. Fits close to the body. Will buy a few more for other pistols.

  190. Kenneth Carter

    Very satisfied with the holster. Good quality and reasonably priced. Serves the purpose for which i bought it for.

  191. Kim O.

    I receive my IWB holster for my Glock 42 and I am very happy with it. It is well made and very reasonably priced. I love the coyote brown color, glad I chose it. My son liked it so much he ordered one for his gun.

  192. Joe

    I like the holster very much it has a good retention. On the side of the holster between the weapon and the body that part should be a little bit higher that way the weapon won’t get moisture

    • On Your 6

      Hi Joe,

      You’re referring to a sweat guard. Normally we don’t add those to the OWB holsters because they tend to crack since they don’t lie completely flush against the body (since pants are between the holster and skin). If you’d like this on future OWB holsters, we can do a 1/4 sweat guard, just let us know before hand (i.e. order notes/email), and we’ll be happy to accommodate for you. We just want to make sure our customers are aware of the likelihood of developing a crack in the holster. Please feel free to email or call us if you have any questions or concerns.


  193. Todd

    Got one for my Glock 30, First impressions were great, good price for a good holster. I really like how the pistol snaps into place.

  194. Patrick Abdo

    Great Products & Service. 🙂

  195. Jim E.

    Fits Perfect. Love it!

  196. James A

    Received my holster in a timely fashion. It is perfectly molded to my gun, fit/finish of the holster is nice, all the edges are well buffed and rounded, and I am very pleased with it.

  197. SL

    Top notch quality product and outstanding customer service. Been carrying mine everyday for a few weeks and like it so much I got one for my retired LEO dad. I will definitely order more holsters and mag carriers in the future, as well as recommend On Your 6 to everyone I know. Glad to support independently owned TX business.

  198. Timothy Boothby

    This is the best owb holster I have ever had. It fits tight on my side and conceals easily and retains the pistol even when running and jumping around yet still allows for a fast grip and draw. I wore it to an IDPA match last week and knew I had made the right decision with buying an on your 6 holster within the first stage.

  199. Christopher J Beard

    I am a little over two months using this holster almost daily with my Glock 23. I am very happy with the build quality and comfort. I carry at 4 o’clock and it blends in very well with minimal bulking. I had ordered it with the appendix carry option (rounding of the corner) and is super comfortable in the 1 o’clock position also.

    I highly recommend this product and company.

  200. Robert Hickey

    Got my new holster for my Glock G19 pistol. Fit and finish were excellent! I like that I can adjust the cant but, so far, don’t see where I’ll need to. I also got the holster in Blood-Red Carbon Fiber … just because! It looks SO COOL compared to all my black holsters. I love it! Been wearing it every day since I got it about 2 weeks ago. I also needed it (long story) in a hurry and “On Your 6” was the only holster maker to offer 7-10 DAY lead time. Everyone else was 3-4 weeks or more. They came through with a COOL holster that I (and my G19) like very much. Need to find a reason (and gun) so I can get another one. I think Police Blue Carbon Fiber this time. Thanks for a great product in amazing time! I’ve been recommending “On Your 6” whenever anyone asks for a holster recommendation.

  201. Mike

    Great IWB holster.

  202. Mike smith

    Fitment is awesome. Quilt is top notch. This holster is very comfortable when sitting or standing. Conceals my Glock 43 with just a regular shirt. Shipping time was very reasonable for a hand made holster. I will definitely be back for more holsters from you guys…..

  203. michael patterson

    just what I wanted……comfortable… holds my Clock 19 perfectly

    thank you guys…. will be ordering MAGS soon

  204. Tim Jackson

    My IWB holster for the Glock 42 in very comfortable and keeps everything tucked in nicely. Great value!

  205. Jim C

    Well made but a little tight getting the gun out of the holster. I wish you had put an adjustable screw instead. I would have given it 5 stars.

    • On Your 6

      Hi Jim,

      I’m sorry to hear retention is too tight for you. We can get this fixed for you. I will email you the details.


  206. Tom

    Holster works well and is comfortable. In fact I’m wearing it now and have recommended it to co-workers.

  207. Jaime

    Great fit and great price!
    Appendix cut is a nice touch

  208. Adam Moore

    Very nice holster, quality, simple, comfortable, functional, I love it!

  209. Charles

    I really enjoy my OWB kydex holster. The holster is a perfect fit. The Glock 42 rides close to the body and enables me to carry OWB while only wearing a t-shirt! Great retention and super comfortable.

  210. Donna Hogg

    Holster fit nicely along my hip and was comfortable. Held my firearm securely, yet was easy to draw from. I like that the shape was conducive to correct and safe draw posture.

  211. Shawn

    I have two of their holsters, IWB appendix carry & OWB holster and mag holster all in Black Carbon Fiber. The fit and finish is awesome! They fit my Glock 36 and the mag like a glove. They are awesome holsters.
    Their customer service is second to none!!!
    Thanks Jim! 🙂 🙂

  212. Earl

    Considering the low price, the quality is top notch. I am very happy with my purchase, and can recommend this product for anyone who wants quality at a more reasonable price.

  213. David Brugman

    Very good product for an amazing price. Good communication and easy website to order from. Definitely will order more holsters.

  214. Donavan

    I can’t say enough about this product. It does exactly what it is designed to do and the prices are extremely fair. I purchased the IWB Appendix Holster for my G19/23 and love it. Once snapped in place under my belt it holds extremely well. I wouldn’t say it’s always comfortable sitting but that is in no way the holsters fault that is a body composition/shape issue. Most times I can move it around and find comfort. This product shipped fast and is a great value. You can bet that I will be purchasing others for my G26 and G30 as well as Mag Holsters in the future.

  215. Andrew

    Great holster! Very simple yet well made. Fit and finish was excellent. Hold close to body and at a good level on the hip. The kydex used is maybe a little thin, .08 may be better for retention. Don’t get me wrong though the retention is good and holds the weapon well. I’m just use to a bit more retention and stiffness. All in all I’m very happy with my holster.

  216. Eric

    Great holster. Fit the g21 perfect and they shipped it promptly. Thank you

  217. Matthew

    This holster is very comfortable and allows me to carry my G19 wearing shorts and a tee. I am loving it.

  218. rick s

    just received in the mail. works and fits great. will buy from these guys again shortly..

  219. Matthew

    Really like this holster. I am able to conceal my G19 in just shorts and a tee. Very comfortable wearing all day.

  220. Dave DiSanti

    This is a high quality holster. I recommend it to friends and co-workers

  221. Dale

    Top shelf holster. Would recommend to any one with conceal license.

  222. Eric

    I own MANY holsters, and by far this is the only one i use now. Being in Law enforcement is see alot and scrutinise even more. I havn’t placed a review on this holster for over a year for one reason, I wanted to see if it would stand the test of time. By far it has won me over. My coworkers want to know more about it and I tell them this is the BEST one I own.

  223. Steven

    Perfect for appendix carry. I like a full size large frame gun for concealed carry & this holster in the carbon fiber finish not only has the looks I like but the condidence to carry one in the chamber for my model 21. I did turn the belt clip around since I wear my belt tighter than most and hooking is perfect for drawing now. You won’t be disappointed.

  224. Jon Giltrow

    real nice holster. carries my glock 43 firmly and very comfortably. Super product! Keep up the good work!

  225. Alex

    I have the glock 19 OWB holster, it’s very well made, sturdy and sits well on your hip . The tension is nice not to hard to pull but doesn’t fall out if you hold the holster upside down.

  226. Ben Irvin

    This is the most comfortable conceal carry holster for my Glock 22 and 27. Light weight and locks in the fore arm but easy the retrieve the weapon. My next purchase are the mag holders.

  227. Steve in Florida

    This is a great minimalist Glock 23 holster that is a great value. I am 5’10” and 183 lbs. and can really make this gun disappear at 10 o’clock, right hand draw, IWB. The holster has enough retention at the trigger guard that it safely holds the loaded firearm upside down. It appears to be a thicker quility kydex than some of the other holsters I have seen. I see this as a good thing. I imagine it will give me years of service.

    I first heard about OY6 from a friend who bought one for his Taurus PT111. He has had the carbon fiber print IWB for about two years and has been very happy with his.

    His carbon fiber print is pretty sweet. The next one I order will be that design.

  228. Gina

    Great holster, just what I needed.

  229. Aaron Noyes

    After adjusting the cant of the holster to fit my application,the holster is very comfortable and easily placed and removed.I have quite a collection if IWB holsters and by far this OY6 holster is the best of them !!

  230. Kevin

    These holsters are excellent. I have IWB holsters for all of my handguns except my .357. The service is excellent and getting better all the time. Ordered my first holsters just about 1 year ago and the turn around time was pretty much spot on, just the wait was horrible. Turn around time for my last 2 orders are even better. The last came in just over a week. Keep up the good work Nick and crew!

  231. James Harlow

    So impressed!! As part of my EDC for the last 6 months, this holster provides comfort, slim concealment, & all the safety features I look for in a holster. Perfect retention and adjustable canting allows each person to find that sweet spot for concealing. I’ll be buying more for myself, my wife, & son. On Your 6 team…. YOU ROCK !

  232. Bryan Dilger

    I received my IWB, OWB and Mag Holster 2 wks to the day from when I ordered. This is my 3rd IWB and 2nd OWB holster and is going to be my last. After adjusting the can’t to fit me and my style, they are perfect. I would highly recommend these holsters. I put my Glock Gen 4 fully loaded in the holster and they don’t fall out after vigorously shaking.

  233. Jason Meyer

    Well made and a perfect fit. Fast delivery for custom made holsters.

  234. Mike Santos

    Have carried my IWB holster now for several months. Comfortable and minimal. Belt clip broke on my secondary edc pistol ( customer service was great and I was sent new belt clips immediately). My main edc holster has held up very well.The design of holster, when drawing weapon, shows that the holster flexes minimally so I’m not worried about it cracking at the fold.

  235. Josh moyer

    I just got my iwb holster today for my glock 19. I was kind of iffy on getting a iwb because i have tried lots of other ones before and they never really worked that well and did not really keep my glock in place. Just all the holster i tried felt like my gun would fall out if i ran or sat down or bent over to pick somthing up. I did not really trust iwb holsters. But the price was right on the on your 6 holster and saw the reviews on them so i decided to try one out. Had it on all day today and wow. The feel of it is so comfortable wore it all day nothing jabing into me no sharp edges. The holster looks great feels great. My glock fits awsome in it. Great retention dont feel like my gun will fall out. It hides the gun under shirt really good no printing. Just want to say thanks on your 6 this thing is awsome and love it. Showed my father the holster let him try it now he wants to get one.

  236. Jacques

    I have two other IWB Holsters. Being a bit bulky i shopped other “look a like” brands. I read an All Outdoor article about OY6 Holsters. So for the price i tried one for my S&W Shield .45…. Its my first but not last OY6! Ordering one tonight for a G 23.


    Glock 23 IWB HOLSTER

  238. Scott Jacobsen

    OUTSTANDING! comfort, fit, and affordability all in one package! Purchased an iwb holster for my Glock 43 and loved the comfort imediatly, conceals great I’ve been wearing it all day, I will be recommending your company to all my friends!

  239. Frank

    I am not usually one for writing reviews. However, I cannot overlook the hard work and dedication that the folks at On your Six have provided for me. I have owned their IWB holster for my G26 for about a year now, and I am really pleased with this holster. The quality and simplicity of the design are only outdone by the comfort and reliability of the holster.

    I recently had the clip on this holster snap off after a year of daily putting on and prying off of my thick leather tow belt from the Saddleback Leather Company. I contacted the customer service at On Your Six via email on the weekend and I received a prompt reply on the next business day. I was assured that this was covered by their lifetime warranty, that they had since improved their belt clip for this model, and that it would be shipped to me at no extra cost along with a new order that I had in the cue.

    Needless to say, I received all of my products including my new clip promptly, with the new clip working better than the original. I am impressed by this company, and I have and will continue to recommend them to anyone who is looking for holsters and accessories for their firearms. Thanks again guys and keep up the great work.

  240. Frank Fultz

    Just got my OWB holster for my Glock 17. Rides high, holster is just above the top of my back pocket. Fits very close to the body like I hoped it would. Very well made. I’m very pleased. I will be buying another for my Sig. Thanks guys

  241. rtketcham

    I just got my iwb holster for my Glock 43 and I really enjoy it. It’s very comfortable and the retention is really good. I was worried it wouldn’t be that great since my p320 holster was a little loose. I really see now drawbacks to this holster. It’s light, smooth, comfortable, and provides adequate retention.

  242. Darin

    What can I say that has not been said? You have a great product at a reasonable price. AND you stand by your workmanship! My G43 is very happy to be riding in your IWB holster!

  243. Jimbo

    Picked up a G48 as soon as it hit the shelves – OY6 already had a holster for it on their website! This is my first OY6 holster and I can’t believe how good it is. Well built, super light and comfortable. Now that I’ve been using the OWB holster for a while, I am getting an IWB too. Probably going to switch over some of the other big name holsters I have to these as well. I’m kicking myself for not trying them sooner. Great job!

  244. Robert Mack

    I have iwb for my G19, G43 and G42. I have worn the G43 appendix for three years now. No issues great retention and it stays put . Same for the 19. I have not used the G42 holster , but expect nothing less. Excellent quality from a fantastic American Company. Thank You On Your 6 . Nice to be able to quality from a fellow American..
    Thanks again

  245. Austin Baron

    My partner and I Purchased a holster for my glock 19x and her CZ P10s today and we were both very pleased with the quality of the both the holster and the customer service. I would highly recommend this company!

  246. Robert Burke

    Being my first Kydex holster wow what a huge difference. Ive carted on and off for a few years now. I put this holster on and simply forget its there unlike every other holster I have. I will be ordering many more now. Retention is great! Exceptional quality throughout the holster. I convey in words how much I like this Holster. If I was in TX Id be stopping by to have yall do a custom fit for my rock island tactical .45. The only negative if you wan to call it that is it took 10 days to get it but that was to be expected with the current climate.

  247. Tony Navarra

    Friendly staff, One day service, comfortable to wear, affordable.

  248. Mitch H.

    I have several OY6 holsters and I have to say they are the best I have ever wore. The kydex is thinner and more flexible than others on the market and there are no rough edges. I can wear my 19X and 17 OWB with a T-shirt and nobody can tell I’m wearing my gun. Even though I don’t care. We can OC here. Still nice to conceal that well though. I have the IWB for my 26 and it’s excellent too. My wife has the OWB for her 43. And we both have the double OWB mag pouch. I wear my pistol every day of the week so mine definitely gets abused. They hold up great. The only issues I have ever had is where the trigger guard is; the holster develops and crack in that spot. But that’s not OY6’s fault. That from the constant holstering and unholstering I do every day. All I have to do is send a picture in an email and explain the issue and they send me a new one out ASAP with no questions asked. Their customer service is the best I’ve seen. I won’t go anywhere else for my holster needs. I recommend them to everyone.

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