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Belt Clips

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Belt Clips

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Our belt clips and loops are now mold injected and come in a variety of sizes to work with multiple belt widths.

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Weight 1 oz
Belt Clips / Loops

Belt Clip, Belt Loops (set of 2)


1.25 IWB Holsters Only, 1.5, 1.75

17 reviews for Belt Clips

  1. Ben

    The 1.75″ and 2″ belt clips that I recently purchased for my IWB holster fit the bill. They are well made and quite strong. I’m glad that I bought them for my holster.

  2. Charlie D

    I broke My belt clip during a CCW class. The belt clip that I ordered for replacement for my IWB holster is wider and holds my Shield better. Great holster. Thanks for the fast shipping.

  3. Jerry Colby

    I love these holsters.

  4. G. Rodriguez

    Holster clip is wider then my original one. I like it better. Snuggs my belt better.

  5. Greg jumes

    I carry every day and put a lot of stress on the clip due to having to remove and employ the holster throughout the day. I had about 7 months of use out of this clip and yesterday it finally snapped. Called Onyour6design and now they’re sending me a replacement. Great customer service!

  6. Peter

    I wish all the other holster makers make accommodations for 1.25″ gun belts. There are many of us wearing dress pants than cannot have 1.5″ belts. That said, these clips cannot be used/retrofitted on other holster makes, so my review is incomplete. But based on just the workmanship alone, I give it 4 stars.

    • On Your 6

      Hey Peter,

      We have other belt clips you can order to fit your dress belt.
      Shoot us an email or give us a call and we can help you out.


  7. James Cowan

    The new clips are much stronger

  8. James Cowan

    love the new clip

  9. Allen Ehney

    I’ve also received a IWB holster including one for a clip. Both products work extremely well. I’m very satisfied with the products. Much appreciated.

  10. Mike R

    A friend sold me one of your holsters when we started carrying. He ordered for a std LCP but he needed one for a laser. I bought the std LCP holster from him. He now carries a LC9 and an LC9s with On your 6 holsters. I have 2 On Your 6 holsters and I regularly carry an LCP and I’m very happy with the holster. I forget it is there. I’ve recommended the holster to others many times. My son purchased one for his SCCY.
    Oh, and the other On your 6 holster I have and use is for a SR22, I only carry it on the range.

  11. Patrick Barns

    Bought an On Your 6 holster for my glock 19 and the match is excellent. My only problem is my 1.5 in. belts, are a little too thick. I can get the clip on one belt but then need to take off the belt to get the holster off. Other belt is even thicker. I am ordering a 1.75 clip today and hope this fixes it. Great holster, 4.5 stars!

  12. Tom

    Great holster and service I have been wearing it for about six months now and cleaned out my holster drawer no need for anything else now

  13. Taylor

    The holster for my M&P 40 is perfect. Only complain is ive only had it about 3 months ( do wear every day) and today one of my belt loops busted leaving my holster hanging down. Im looking now hoping that there are new stronger belt loops! But overall is great

  14. jim falcone

    This was the first time I found out about these holsters I love them going to order more things Jim the army man

  15. Andre Havard

    I’ve your IWB holster for my Glock 20 and I purchased clips in 1.5″ and 1.75″ .

    My operator belt is 1.75 but the 1.5″ fits my every day belt some of the time should I order your 2″ clips or your belt loops offers a better fit?

  16. guitarguy1133

    Belt clips don’t fit my gun belt which is .33″ thick according to my caliper. I imagine the thickness on the clips are .30″ because it ALMOST fits. any chance you guys could make thicker belt clips/loops?

  17. guitarguy1133

    I’m changing this to a 5 star review. After contacting them about the clips not fitting my thicker belt, they said not only would they change out the clip and loops on the products that i have processing but they’d also ship out one for the holster that i already have! how is that for customer service! great service! Really really like this company. And if you have a thicker belt (mine is roughly .33″) be sure to contact them and ask for the clips and loops that accommodate the thicker belt!

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